Accelerated Learning Practitioner

Course id: 8866
Duration: 3 Days/ 8 H per day


You deserve to be offered the best, and to make sure your investment in training and development is worth the hassle of running after it. What we want for you is exactly this!

In the Accelerated Learning Experience you will have with us, you will learn that understanding information is different from incorporating these information and the experience offered by them into one’s own knowledge and personality are two separate things. As a matter of fact, what matters is what is learnt, not what is taught.

Accelerated Learning helps bridging the gap between the two parties of the learning process, that’s to say, teaching and learning.




Who should Attend?

  •          Anyone who is interested in accelerating their learning.
  •          Trainers and HR professionals.
  •          Course designers.
  •          Parents who are interested in how to accelerate their children’s learning.


Attending the Accelerated Learning workshop, you will be able to:

  •          Test the seven principles of AL.
  •          Discover a lot about your brain and how to utilize the maximum of it in learning.
  •          Discover new techniques to motivate your trainees and release learning stress.
  •          Explore the different learning models, and learn how to address all of them in class.
  •          Develop creative ways to cut both expenses and training time, yet reaching better outcome.
  •          Apply AL methods on any subject.
  •          Learn how to create a positive atmosphere that motivates and empowers trainees.
  •          Reduce deign time significantly.
  •          Obtain customized training on how to apply AL methods on your own training material.
  •          And much more..


Accelerated Learning:

  •          The most advanced state-of-the-art training technique today.

Philosophy of Accelerated Learning

  •          The seven principles of AL.
  •          Defects of the current learning approach.
  •          Transforming learners from passive consumers of knowledge to active creators.


Re-vitalizing learning

  •          Creating natural learning that is more human.
  •          Returning joy to learning.
  •          Creating a positive physical, emotional and social learning environment.
  •          Motivating and reducing stress.


The brain plays the major role

  •          The latest brain studies and their influence on learning.
  •          Learning with the whole body and the whole brain.
  •          The multisensory approach to learning.
  •          The imagery brain and the power of imagination is learning.



  •          Different personal learning styles.
  •          The time of the one-meal service is over, this is the time of open buffets.
  •          Cooperation, inside and outside the classroom.
  •          Imagery, stories, music and games aiding learning.


The Accelerated Design

  •        Why use the Accelerated Design?
  •          Steps of Accelerated Design.
  •          Tons of ideas and methods to use while designing.


Applying AL

  •          Using AL in your own courses.
  •          Developing and AL application plan in your organization.
  •          Measuring outcome.



Hussain AlSayed
United Arab Emirates
Dr. Mohammed Pedra
United Arab Emirates
Dr. Mohammed Pedra