Effective Leadership

Course id: 5370
Duration: 3 days/ 5 H per day



The participant of this course does not need any specific specialization, the knowledge about management science is useful but not necessary.




First part:

Leadership definition.

Leadership theories: characteristics, behavior, attitude.

Characteristics theories: Leadership characteristics, theory criticism.

Behavioral theories: (Mc Regor theory, X and Y theories, Blake and Moton theory, leadership window.

New theories: Needs theory (Ader), procedural leadership, switching leadership, attitude leadership theory (Hercy and Blantcher).


Second part:

Organization / individualization / authorization / motivation and negative motivation.

Goals determination / performance measurement MARS / performance assessment.

Individuals training / individuals development / connection.

Work teams / meetings / meetings assessment.


Third part:

Leader success factors.

Individuals performance: Competence and commitment, ways for raising the performance and increasing the commitment.

Attitude leadership: Direction and cooperation dimentions.

Ways and method for realizing and planning the performance, determining the goal, personification, and connection.

Exercises, activities, and discussions.