How to memorize the Holy Koran in a Short Time?

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Duration: 5 Day/ 5 H per day


Based on what He the Exalted has pledged to facilitate the Koran for recitation, and on the enormous potentials of human mind, and on your desire to be one of the Holy Koran memorizers; we present this Course that helps to set you in a correct start and provides you with techniques that facilitate memorization.


لا يحتاج المشارك في هذه الدورة إلى أي اختصاص معين


This Course is addressed to:

  • Each young man and girl seeking to memorize the Holy Koran.
  • The Supervisors on the Holy Koran memorization drill.
  • The mothers who have the desire to help their children in memorizing the Holy Koran.

  • Objectives

    At the end of the Course, each Trainee will become able to:

  • Illustrate the importance and favor of the Holy Koran memorization.
  • Know examples of the Holy Koran memorizers.
  • Determine the hindrances that affect his memorization.
  • Know how to eliminate the physiological hindrances that affect his memorization of the Holy Koran, through:
    1. Knowing the fundamentals of the positive thinking.
    2. Comprehending the concept of the unconscious, its functions and characteristics.
    3. Knowing how to program the unconscious.
    4. Knowing how to constitute convictions and change them.
  • Know and apply the fundamentals of drawing a plan for the Holy Koran memorization.
  • Know the representation system styles and using them in accelerating memorization.
  • Conceive the mechanism of mind and memory operation.
  • Know and use a lot of the memory techniques that help in memorization.
  • Know the fundamentals of drawing a mental map.
  • Know a lot of the memorization and revision fundamentals.
  • Content

    The Curriculum of the Course is specified by the following basic points:

    Unit One: Introduction

  • Why do we memorize the Holy Koran?
  • Examples of the memorizers.
  • The hindrances of memorization

    Unit Two: Programming the Nervous System on Memorization
    • The Positive Thinking:
      1. Its definition.
      2. Its advantages.
      3. Comparison between the negative thinking and the positive thinking.
      4. Think positively:
        1. The map is not the reality.
        2. There is no failure, but results and experiences.
        3. You deserve to be in charge.
        4. It is not important what is going on, but what you do towards what is going on .
        5. What is possible for others is possible for me.
        6. If you always do what you are accustomed to do, then you will get what you are accustomed to get.
    • The unconscious:
      1. The concept of the unconscious.
      2. Its functions.
      3. Its characteristics.
      4. Application of the Attraction Law.
      5. Programming the unconscious through:
        1. Reiteration.
        2. The sensational density (the exciting future).
        3. Application and practice.
    • The Convictions:
      1. What are the convictions? What is their resource?
      2. How are the convictions constituted?
      3. How are the convictions changed?

    Unit Three: How do you set a Plan for the Holy Koran memorization?

    Unit Four: Memorization Techniques
    • The representation system.
    • The memory:
      1. Introduction about the mechanism of brain operation.
      2. Principles of memory.
      3. Applications in the objective partition and phonetic partition.
    • The mental maps.

    Unit Five: General Recommendations
  • Strategies of memorization and revision.
  • Recommendations.

    Additional Remark to the Trainer:
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