Management Basics (Ghaiyer Scholarship)

Course id: 6534
Duration: 3 dyas/ 5 H per day


Regardless of one’s job title or administrative level, a person remains an employee in the institution or company and works to achieve its goals. Although the director’s tasks differ from those of the accountant and receptionist, the principles of success and excellence remain the same… hence the importance of this course.


• No particular educational qualifications are needed to participate in this course.
• Knowledge of psychology and language sciences is useful but not necessary


Anyone who desires to improve his skills as a successful employee.


By the end of this course, each trainee will be able to:
• Understand institutional work rules.
• Realize the enterprise’s qualities and institutional work regulations.
• Classify the regulatory environment and the quality of the work teams.
• List the components of the team.
• Recognize the principles of team composition.
• Activate the team.
• Enumerate the steps for winning a job opportunity.
• Identify the means of a job search.
• List the private sector employment procedures.
• Write a CV.
• Be equipped for a personal interview.
• Prepare for a personal interview.
• Know the expected questions.


Institutional work rules.
The institution’s qualities.
Institutional work rules.
Institutional work regulations.

Team building
The regulatory environment and the quality of the work teams.
The components of the team.
The principles of team composition.
Activating the team.

Steps for winning a job opportunity
Administrative structure of the company.
Steps for winning a job opportunity.
Means of job search.
Private sector employment procedures.
CV writing controls.
Personal interview.
How can we prepare ourselves for the interview?
Analyzing the company offering the job.
What are the expected questions?