Effective Leadership

Course id: 5370
Duration: 3 days/ 5 H per day



The participant of this course does not need any specific specialization, the knowledge about management science is useful but not necessary.




First part:

Leadership definition.

Leadership theories: characteristics, behavior, attitude.

Characteristics theories: Leadership characteristics, theory criticism.

Behavioral theories: (Mc Regor theory, X and Y theories, Blake and Moton theory, leadership window.

New theories: Needs theory (Ader), procedural leadership, switching leadership, attitude leadership theory (Hercy and Blantcher).


Second part:

Organization / individualization / authorization / motivation and negative motivation.

Goals determination / performance measurement MARS / performance assessment.

Individuals training / individuals development / connection.

Work teams / meetings / meetings assessment.


Third part:

Leader success factors.

Individuals performance: Competence and commitment, ways for raising the performance and increasing the commitment.

Attitude leadership: Direction and cooperation dimentions.

Ways and method for realizing and planning the performance, determining the goal, personification, and connection.

Exercises, activities, and discussions.



Abdellah ID EL KAHIA
Hamza Aldosari
Shafea Al neyadi
United Arab Emirates
Shafea Al neyadi
Zouhair Cherti
Zouhair Cherti
Aryan Rashid Kareem