Strategic Planning

Course id: 8860
Duration: 4 Day/ 5 H per day


Today, more than ever, organizations must capitalize on a changing business environment, improve effectiveness and overall productivity, formulate and implement a planning process, and make better strategic decisions. Alpha's Strategic Planning training workshop will provide you with the skills you need to create and develop an effective strategic plan that gives specific direction and yet is flexible enough to change and modify.




Business professionals, executives and senior managers involved in the planning and implementing process. General managers who are responsible for implementation.


At the end of this course participants will be able to:
  • Understand the importance of the strategic planning .
  • Understand the requirements of strategic planning .
  • Learn the difference between strategy, strategic management, strategic planning and strategic plan .
  • Know what are the mission, vision, values, objectives and goals .
  • Follow a step by step model to develop a strategic plan .
  • How to form the strategic planning team Perform SWOT analysis and other strategic tools .
  • How to document, implement and evaluate strategic plans


Day 1: Strategy and Strategic Management
  • What strategic planning?
  • Why strategic planning is important?
  • Strategic Management and strategic planning
  • Understanding the strategic planning process and the phases of strategic planning.
  • Requirements for the strategic planning process.
  • Types of strategies - Horizontal and Vertical Strategies. Cost, value, and differentiation strategies.
  • Planning Horizon and levels of planning.
Day 2: Strategic Planning
  • Models of strategic planning process.
  • The 10 Step model of strategic planning.
  • Preparation for strategic planning process
  • How to develop the organisation’s Vision, Mission and Values
Day 3: Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic analysis methods and tools.
  • Forecasting and decision techniques
  • Formulating Goals and objectives
  • The planning process
  • Implementation
  • Performance measure
  • Evaluation
  • Identify threats to and opportunities for your organization.



Dr. Mohammed Pedra
United Arab Emirates
Dr. Mohammed Pedra
Abdellah ID EL KAHIA
En. Ahmed AlKhatib