Say What You Mean … Get What You Want (Communication Skills)

Course id: 236
Duration: 2 days, 5 H per day


The purpose of communication is to get your message across to others clearly and unambiguously. Doing this involves effort from both the sender of the message and the receiver. And it\'s a process that can be fraught with error, with messages often misinterpreted by the recipient. When this isn\'t detected, it can cause tremendous confusion, wasted effort and missed opportunity.

It is a challenge, to say what you mean in order to get what you want.




Anyone who is keen to improve communication skills at work or life.


By the end of this training program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify effective communication components
  • Recognize features and benefits of effective communication
  • Identify communication barriers and how to eliminate them
  • Communicate better with self and others


Day One:

  • Introduction and course objectives
  • What are the types of communication
  • What are the communication components

            - Verbal
            - Non Verbal
            - Vocal

  • Features and benefits of effective communication
  • Communication Barriers
  • Types of Barriers
  • Importance of eliminating communication barriers
  • When Communication Succeeds?
  • Job Success Factors
  • How to achieve job progressing?

Day Two:

  • Communication Process
  • Persuasion Steps – The Call to Act
  • The 7 Cs of Communication
  • Body Language
  • Tips to improve your body language
  • Hearing Vs Listening
  • Tips to become a better listener
  • The Power of Questions
  • Behavioral Styles (DISC Model)
  • Giving Feedback
  • DAWA!