A new feature at Illaftrain site – intimations (proverbs).

A new feature at Illaftrain site – intimations (proverbs).

Illaftrain is glad to tell you that there is a new feature at the site which is the intimations (the proverbs). It is available for the whole visitors. The intimation is shown in the left window of the main page. In every updating process of the page, A new intimation is shown.

We remind you that each trainer or trainee of Illaftrain can send an intimation. In order to get this feature after registering the entrance, press on: send an intimation from the right window. There will be a model, choose the intimation axis, then write the intimation and its teller (the person who said the intimation and not the sender name). Press on: save, so it will be sent to the site administration. The activation will be done if it corresponds these conditions:

It does not damage the ethics and the values.

It does not hurt the religions.

It does not hurt any party.

After the activation, the intimation and the sender name will appear.

Dear Illaftrain trainer/trainee, we wish you will not hesitate in writing to us if you have any question. We will help you by the God will.

.  admin@illaftrain.com