A special evening by the professional trainer Bassel Annassar.

A special evening by the professional trainer Bassel Annassar.

Among Illaftrain activities for Winter 2005, there was an evening under the title of "Negotiators without papers" on 31/3/2005. The lecturer was the engineer Bassel Rafeeq Annassar, who is a certified trainer from the British Academy for HRD, NLP advanced practitioner, and a writer of many training courses like Negotiation training program (The effective skills of negotiation).

The trainer surprised the attendance with some un sensible negotiation techniques. He performed some group exercises at the beginning of the evening, so the attendances realized the importance of the next events. The lecturer talked about the importance of negotiation in our life which is a sequential series of the negotiation attitudes. The one who prepares for them will succeed, while the one who fails in preparing for them, he is preparing for the failure.


Although negotiation is a difficult domain to be integrated with our daily life, but the trainer could make this evening an important one for the whole classes with an amazing mastery. He devoted the evening contents for the one who does not care about the negotiation as parents, descendants, friends, and job fellows, in addition to the classes that care about negotiation like managers, merchants, organizations owners, and the normal salesmen.


The lecturer told that the attendance will get many techniques after the evening. This will have results on the personal life and on the bases of dealing with the others. He clarified that the evening name was "Negotiators without papers" because he was focusing on those techniques which can be gained through practicing, without the need to prepare for negotiation and the work paper of the negotiator.


The attendance was great. The trainer Bassel Annassar could make the audience interactive with him to the highest degree. The trainer spent a long time after the evening in fringe dialogues with some of the attendance in order to expand on this course contents.