A wonderful evening by the trainer Bassil Annassar

A wonderful evening by the trainer Bassil Annassar

At Al Assad house for the culture in Lattakia, and by the attendance of more than the hundreds, there was a wonderful evening by the qualified trainer, the engineer Bassil Rafeeq Annassar. It was under the title of "Negotiate with your child, this strange creature".

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The evening continued for more than one hour and a half, in which the trainer varied his delivery style. He told more than seven allegories and applied them on a great number of the real examples from which we suffer every day in our life. By that, the evening was full of the new information about the stages of the child growing and how to negotiate with him in addition to continuing the intended educational directing, without affecting this child personality negatively.

This evening is among Illaftrain program for the free evenings and among the variations which the trainer introduced about the negotiation subject. This was after the program of "The negotiation effective skills" and the evening of "Negotiators without papers". It is known that the trainer has his own method to train the manager and the leaders about the negotiation in which he relied on the new negotiation styles and tactics.

The original thing is that after finishing the evening, the attendance refused to leave as it is used, and continued in introducing the questions for more than 15 minutes trying to ask for more as it is possible.

The trainer during the lecture.

The audience is more than the hundreds.

The audience is asking the trainer for the more after the evening.

The trainer Bassil Annassar with one of the trainees.