Algeria, Algiers: ILLAFTrain certified trainer course in Algeria.

Algeria, Algiers: ILLAFTrain certified trainer course in Algeria.

The professional training…. The quality and credibility…. Forming the standards and complying with them.

By these phrases, and in the atmosphere of the intimacy and liking, there was the opening of ILLAFTrain certified trainer course ICT for the second time in Al Maghreb and Algeria. Its director was the architect international trainer Mohammad Badra as a main trainer with a brilliant group of professional trainers: The engineer Rafaa Akrama, Mr. Dari Kaddour,

At first, the architect trainer focused on clarifying the international training standards and the course program in detail through his distinct and interesting way, then, there were the words of the trainees and the assistant trainers.


Immediately after that, there was the identification of Gange steps to learning. Then, the trainees moved to the rounds to master this part through their meetings and the  periodic evaluation of the supervisor trainers in order to dissolve the ice and to focus on the positive practice.


At the same time, this normative and interesting course continues through 12 days from the 2th of December In Algeria the capital, at Alkabir Adgir hotel, Alkivan tower. As a transitory and brave step of ILLAFTrain – Algeria (after holding the trainer course in the past June), the training importance is increasing day after day, and the market is growing to the degree that the available trainers at Al Maghreb can not cover them. So, ILLAFTrain introduces this course to provide training market with the best trainers who have the necessary knowledge and experiences.


The distinguished thing of this course is the various attendance of trainees from many Arab countries as the participation of Mr. Salem Ba Khamis-  manager of training and development at the ministry of Religious Endowments, the participation of Mr. Abdullah Ali Maatouq Attamimy-manager of mission at the ministry of Religious Endowments from Qatar, and the participation of Dr. Abda Annoaman Asharif from  Yemen, with waiting for brothers from Al Maghreb. In respect of the native trainees, they participated from different Algerian areas like, Algeria the capital, Wahran, Qusantine, Telmosan, Moaskar,  Taqret, Alwadi, Bascara, Alaghwat, Steif, Sakikda, Borairij tower, Batna, Albalida, Bjaya.

This is some pictures from ICT Course:

Opening the second ICT course in Arabic Maghreb.

Trainees define themselves and their targets of attending to this course

side of event

The photos show Qatraian Trainees Mr. Salem Bakhmis and Mr. Abdullah Al- Tamimi.

side of training sessions.