ALgeria, Ouargla: Finishing NLP diploma course by the trainer Ahmad Nasser Alkhateeb .

ALgeria, Ouargla: Finishing NLP diploma course by the trainer Ahmad Nasser Alkhateeb .

Wonderful, unexpected, and other words which refer to the same meaning. These were the trainees sayings at the end of NLP course which finished on Sunday 17/9/2006 at the Algerian state Wraqla. They trained for four days at the most important programming techniques.

 In spite of the different trainees (university students, graduates from different specializations, pharmacists, teachers, merchants,….), they agreed on the fact that the benefit from this course was more than the expected. Some of them found that they were in need to know the way of determining and achieving the result, another one found that his knowledge and view about himself became clearer and more positive, the others found that realizing the success connection media with the self and with the others offered them many unexpected advantages, which are the most important benefit of this course. There are many and different opinions, all of them agreed on the fact that this course is the only way for the one who wants to improve his life and to start his journey toward success. They also said that it will be valueless until the trainee starts applying its techniques and drills at his practical life after the course. In the sense that the end of the course is the new start point toward more success.


At a glad party, the trainer finished the party by distributing the certificates on the trainees in an atmosphere of the happiness and the satisfaction about the results of this course. These are some of the trainees comments.


The course was wonderful by the drills and the exercises with the trainees and by the guidance of the great trainer.


I invite every ambitious person for success and happiness at all life sides to attend this course. Especially with the distinguished trainer Ahmad Nasser Alkhateeb.


The best thing of the course is that I became ready to change and I learned new things.


The international trainer Ahmad Nasser Alkhateeb and the Bilic Attayeb, the manager of ILLAFtrain Wraqla.


The trainer Alkhateeb during the course.


A practical exercise during the course.


Distributing the certificates.


The pleasure was clear at the trainees faces.


All the trainees wish the international trainer Ahmad Nasser Alkhateeb to continue and to be success at HD.