C.E.L Course, Majid's Strategy

Course id: C.E.L
Duration: 5days/5 hours


English learner faces an obstacle mental and temporal stress taking years to acquire language and barely apply his learning in a confusing, difficult and complex manner.
C.E.L Training Program - Creative training to understand language skills according to Majid Strategy- is to learn the secrets of language, mastering conversation and writing skills in five days of training. Fun, enjoyment and time killing Training is the secret of The course .It is considered to be the first in the world.
C.E.L training program works on raising the competency of mental and personal attitude in several points including: 1 - focusing improvement. 2. Deep thinking. 3. Improving and stimulating memory (operating and long-term). 4. Building confidence. 5. Self-knowledge and self-errors correction.


Serious desire to train and learn.


This Training program targeting all society sectors ,people cannot speak and write English language, especially those who need to develop and correct English language skills acquisition:

  • Leaders.
  • Directors.
  • Staff.
  • Teachers.
  • Trainers.
  • Generally educators.
  • Lovers of travel and cultures (before traveling for courses learning English abroad).

Lovers of communication and public relations.


At the End of this course trainees will be able to:

  • Mastering English conversation according to "Majid Strategy".
  • Mastering English writing according to "Majid Strategy".
  • Understand English language skills and secrets.
  • Holding the creative communication steps according to Majid Strategy.
  • Use new acquired skills.
  • Difficulties in the fields of school and university learning.

Start-up towards the fields of work and learning in its fields (Diploma - Bachelor - Master – PhD).


First day:

  • "Majid Strategy" Show.
  • Applying strategy using creative mental platforms.
  • The skill of forming sentences in the present, past and future tenses.
  • Starting breaking the first three barriers (1, 2, 3).
  • Full strategy disclosure.
  • Creating comprehensive long sentences.
  • Breaking the fourth barrier (4).
  • Speaking using "Majid Strategy" and presentation.

Second day:

  • Questions and answers skill.
  • Question importance to discovery and knowledge.
  • Applying the skills using the creative mental platforms.
  • Breaking the fifth barrier (5).
  • "Daily expressions" Skills in what happens daily.
  • Breaking the sixth barrier (6).
  • Speaking using "Majid Strategy" and presentation.

Third day:

  • Possession Skills.
  • Applying the skills using the creative mental platforms.
  • Breaking the seventh barrier (7).
  • Speaking using "Majid Strategy" and dropping.
  • Difference and comparing skills.
  • Applying the skills using the creative mental platforms.
  • Breaking the eighth barrier (8).
  • Speaking and presentation using "Majid Strategy".

Fourth day:

  • The ability to express opinion and ability.
  • Apply skill using the creative mental platforms.
  • Breaking the ninth barrier (9)
  • Starting linking sentences and using presentation skills
  • Breaking the tenth barrier (10)
  • presentation.

Fifth day:

  • Presentation.
  • Course mastering exam.

Graduation and certificates distribution.