Certified Master Trainer Diploma

Course id: CMT
Duration: 21day/190h


When a sector is immersed with many so-called “training experts”, the companies and the other institutions requiring training will need to feel confident that the trainer with which they want to deal possesses knowledge, values and skills necessary for their success. “ILLAFTrain of Trainers” helps to guarantee that the trainer has achieved the standards necessary for the success of the company’s professional development, and that he can offer what he claims he is able to offer.


“ILLAF Train of Trainers” offers a training course for Certified Master Trainer in order to supplement the training market with the best trainers possessing the necessary knowledge and skills provided by this course.

  • The course is characterized by the practical interest that enables the trainer to acquire the skills necessary to become a Master Trainer with high level of visual and practical knowledge and performance.
  • The model of the trainer’s merit in this course is an extension of the merit model relevant to the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction IBSTPI
  • In this course, a practical application of at least 150 techniques of the Accelerated Learning techniques is performed.
  • Not only one trainer leads the course, but at least four leaders that are available throughout the course.
  • The course is delivered under the supervision of professional trainers at the Middle East and North Africa level.
  • The trainees receive the training material in a TEXT format.
  • Each trainee will deliver (at least) 20 presentations, in which he adopts specific methods in determining the course’s objectives, design, presentation, assessment and applying all the visual material on the ground.
  • The training groups are composed of at most seven trainees, under the supervision of a leader trainer; therefore, there will be a greater focus on each trainee.
  • The trainees are assessed according to the trainer assessment model composed of 20 points. These points are registered in the computer for analysis purposes, and this is performed daily for all trainees.
  • The graduates of this course have the right to obtain the certified trainer membership features in ILLAFTrain and take advantage of their unique features.
  • This course differs from the rest of the courses because its graduates would really become Certified Master Trainers.








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