Cooperative Learning Technique - Level 1

Course id: 2369
Duration: 3 hours / one day


Cooperative Learning is part of a group of teaching/learning techniques where students interact with each other to acquire and practise the elements of a subject matter and to meet common learning goals. It is much more than just putting students into groups and hoping for the best.




Classroom Teachers and Trainers


Participants on this training are expected to be able to:

1.      To identify what is meant by Cooperative Learning .

2.      Identify the main parts of a Cooperative Learning  lesson.

3.      Prepare a Cooperative Learning  lesson on your subject area.

4.      Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson plan you’ve developed through in the workshop.


  1. The concept of Cooperative Learning.
  2. Advantages of Cooperative Learning technique
  3. Cooperative Learning Sample Activities.
  4. Planning a Cooperative Learning Lesson.
  5. Brainstorming a cooperative lesson plan in groups.
  • Discussion:
  • Discussing some of the lessons which have been prepared.
  • Identifying lesson’s strengths and weaknesses.