Developing Instruction

Course id: 1011
Duration: 5 Day/ 5 H per day


Day after day, training importance increases, and the markets grow till the available trainers can not cover them. ILLAFTrain offers this course to support training market by the best trainers who have the required knowledge and experiences, and which this course offers.


The participant in this Course does not need to have a certain specialization.


This course is designed for both new and professional trainers; Human Resources managers; educational organizations managers; and for every one concerns with teaching, education and training. Its primary purpose is to prepare the new trainers to be professional trainers; to enable them from analyzing training needs and determining training purposes; and to design, present and evaluate the courses through face to face training, in small training groups, and by the supervision of many specialized trainers.


The Trainee will become able to:

  • Recognize between Systems and Processes
  • Know the Training Defined
  • Know the Human Resource Development Defined
  • Use The ISD Model (Analysis Phase, Design Phase, Development Phase, Implementation Phase, Evaluation Phase)
  • Know how MakeThe System Effective
  • Know & apply Merrill's Theory (Component Display Theory, Presentation Forms)
  • Know & apply Reigeluth’s Elaboration Theory
  • Use The Seven Steps in Elaboration
  • Know & apply Reusable Learning Object
  • Know Why Are ROLs and RIOs Important?
  • Discover the RLO-RIO Structure
  • Use the RLO Creation Process
  • Discover & apply Guidelines for Building the RLO
  • Discover & apply Guidelines for Building the RIOs


First Day: Instructional System Design



Second Day: Making The System Effective





Third Day: Merrill's Theory & Reigeluth’s Elaboration Theory:

  • Overview
  • Merrill's Component Display Theory
  • Presentation Forms

o        Primary Presentation Forms

o        Secondary Presentation Forms

o        Tertiary Presentation Forms

o        Principles

·         Reigeluth’s Elaboration Theory

o        cognitive zoom

o        sequence

o        The power of "Zoom"

o        Methods of zooming

  • The Seven Steps in Elaboration

1. Sequence

2. Organize

3. Summarization

4. Synthesize

5. Analogy 

6. Cognitive-Strategy Activator

7. Learner Control



Forth Day:Reusable Learning Object

  • What is the Reusable Learning Object Strategy?
  • Information Mapping
  • Why Are ROLs and RIOs Important?
  • What is the RLO-RIO Structure?
  • RLO Creation Process

o        Overview

o        Phase1: Design

o        Phase2: Development

o        Phase3: Delivery

o        Phase4: Evaluation


Fifth Day: Guidelines for Building the RLO

o         Overview

o         Summary

o         Assessment

  • Guidelines for Building the RIOs

o        Practice Items

o        Assessment Items

o        Cognitive Level

o        Concept

o        Fact

o        Procedure

o        Process

o        Principle

·         ROL-RIO Structure Summary