Ending "ILLAFTrain trainer training course", Lattakia, April 6, 2006

Ending "ILLAFTrain trainer training course", Lattakia, April 6, 2006

By the 6th of April, 2006, and 2:00 PM, ILLAFTrain trainer training course which started at March25, 2006, has been finished.


The last day of the course was distinguished by a high effectiveness and a large participation of the After the review, there was a session in which the trainer Mohammad Badra talked about the practical steps which follows the course subjects, like working on preparing professional special courses, according to the domain of each trainer, In addition to a developmental plan for every trainee.


Also the Trainer Ahmad Al khateeb gave the Trainees their Certifications…


ILLAFTrain management team thanked the trainees, the trainers Mohammad Badra, and the other assistant trainers, and gave them some presents…


Then, the participants and the Organizers moved to the "Somar" restaurant  which lies at Lattakia beach, and participated in an ending assembly at the sea shore, thus, the trainer training course finished with the hope to meet again at nearest time.

Here are some photos from the ending assembly

Trainee Azzarah Bjadi picking up Her Certification

Trainer Ahmad Al Khateeb giving the Trainee Kasem Bo Saada his Certification