Finishing a new NLP course by the international trainer Ahmad Nasser Al Khateeb, in the Algerian state Staif.

Finishing a new NLP course by the international trainer Ahmad Nasser Al Khateeb, in the Algerian state Staif.

At the morning of Saturday 9/9/2006, in Arrabeea hotel, at the capital of the Algerian high hills, Staif, there was the beginning of NLP Diploma course. It was organized by Ibn Roshd center for training (ILLAFtrain franchise-Constantine) with an attendance of (university graduates, university students, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, psychological consultants, young frameworks, and even the private needs owners). So, there was a great interaction between the trainer and the trainees.

In the second day, the trainees feeling of the course importance increased through commitment with the drills and their results, especially the technique of determining the aim and achieving it accurately.


While in the third day, the trainer introduced the high programs part, and promoted the related information through different drills and by directing some dialogues with the trainees about their many benefits that they can get by understanding and applying them in their life.


At the last day of the course, the trainees trained at the most important techniques as the intimacy and how to achieve it and the anchorage. They expressed their interest in mastering them for their great importance at the interconnection and deriving their potential ability in order to invest it at performing their works and achieving their aims. At the end of the course, the trainer and the management of Ibn Roshd center for training gave the trainees their certificates in a party, at which some memorial photos were taken with the international trainer Ahmad Nasser Al Khateeb and with Mr. Raoof Maiza, the representative of Ibn Roshd center for training. The trainees expressed their deep thank to the trainer and the management for their efforts. Then the trainer thanked the trainees for their commitment with drills, and their seriousness at applying them.


These are some of the trainees comments on the evaluation papers:


It was the most wonderful thing I practiced and trained in my life. It is the key of my life and my future.


NLP is an important science in the individual life, it teaches him how to make the success.


I invite every person who has the ability to expand his scientific and mental competences not to be stingy to his self, and I say to him that ILLAFtrain is really a unique scientific encyclopedia.


The French colonizer deprived us of 120 years, and terrorism deprived us of 10 years, but we will correct and you will proud of us. I promise you.


I wish this course to be repeated, and that there will be other courses, because I found of it what I was trying to find for two years.


We wish to continue forward. I am too sad because the course finished.