Finishing "Art of sales and marketing" course by the trainer Toni zikri

Finishing "Art of sales and marketing" course by the trainer Toni zikri

By the God will, "Art of sales and marketing" course was finished by the trainer Toni Thikra. It started on 26/8, and continued till 29/8. It was characterized by the strong participation of the trainees, and by their different cultures and experiences. The attendance were administration manager, manager and supervisor of the sales department. They were questioning where were these courses when they were sales agents?, and is it true that there are such courses in Sudan?

The whole were interested in the course, the trainer way in introducing the topic, his ability in the material, and the appearance of distinguished skills, that the trainees gained some of.

The course was distinguished by the intimacy, the practical application, self development, and the attendance commitment with continuing the way, and developing their abilities and skills among ILLAFTrain courses.

These are some comments about the course:


Mustafa Sabry: Thanks to ILLAFTrain family for this interesting course, I wish the success for them with my respect to the trainer Toni Zikri.


Nasser Assinny: The course brought out a hidden side which is the psychological side that cares about the human at first.


Attef Abderraouf: Thanks to ILLAFTrain for the new knowledge and experience.


Sadeeq Ali Mohammad: ILLAFTrain became a true assistant toward the self development.


At the end of the course, one trainee started marketing his company service for the trainees, they agreed to by from it. Here was the surprise, they started applying the sales ways of this course on each other. The attendance laughed. The certificates were distributed. The whole went out with the belief that ILLAFTrain is the trusty HD Leader.