: Finishing NLP Diploma course by the trainer Qassem Bou Saada.

: Finishing NLP Diploma course by the trainer Qassem Bou Saada.

In the evening of Saturday 2-9-2006, there was the finishing of NLP Diploma course by the trainer Qassem Bou Saada. This course continued for six days with four hours daily.

It is a special course that discovers the human abilities and the ways of exploding them. It opened new horizons for the trainees that they were not attentive to them. The trainees realized the human self secrets and the way to deal with it simply, in order to invest its abilities and to reach the superiority degrees, and the personal and collective success at the whole life sides.

The trainer: Qassem Bou Saada clarified these issues and the NLP Diploma vocabularies for the trainees. He focused on the importance of changing them into skills to use them in the daily life.

The trainees expressed their benefit from this course. They said:


Developing myself and my connection skills, and I get the way of the good planning and drawing the aims.

Acquiring the skills and the techniques.

The easy connection with employees and customs in the work.

Improving the way of dealing with the others, in my work, and with the students.

It helps me to understand the others and to give efforts in working.


The others expressed by:

The best thing I found in this course is changing the bad features and acquiring the good ones.

The best thing I found is the practical applications of connection skill, and changing the bad behavior into the good one.

I found in this course what I expected and the more.


At the end of the course, the trainees expressed their desire to attend other courses because they benefited too much from this course in their life, in addition to the Importance of spreading such great courses at wider field.

The whole left each other wishing to meet again.