Finishing NLP practitioner course.

Finishing NLP practitioner course.

In an atmosphere of the intimacy and the harmony, and by the God help, there was the finishing of NLP (assistant practitioner + practitioner) course on Wednesday 13/4/2005 at Illaftrain center- Lattakia, by the trainers Ahmad Al Khateeb and Mohammed Badra.

The course started on 5/3/2005 and finished practically on 17/3/2005, but the evaluation and the certificates distribution were delayed to the evenings of Tuesday and Wednesday 12-13/4/2005 because the trainers traveled to Sudi Arabia to participate in Trainers Training Course of the British Academy for HRD.


The evaluations were comprehensive theoretically and practically. Thanks to the trainer Bassil Annassar for his participation which contributed in increasing the trainees care to apply the techniques.


The trainer Mohammad Badra was absent because he was busy in a training course in Sudi Arabia.


The last day was distinguished by the rich discussion about the different techniques. The trainees talked about the benefits that they got and offered through applying the most important techniques they trained during the course. Their evaluation applications referred to the degree of this benefit. Most of them asked for attending the advanced practitioner course in order to complete the training on the rest of the NLP techniques. There training high level had the great effect in getting that great result.


At the end of the course, the trainer Ahmad Al Khateeb delivered a brief speech in which he focused on the importance of  the practitioners compliance with the ethical and scientific rules and of having the highest degrees of the responsibility at applying the techniques on the remedial and the training levels. He also congratulated them for their seriousness and efforts in training and applying. In their turn, the trainees thanked the trainers and Illaftrain family for their efforts which led to this course success, and they exchanged the thank expressions and the memorial photos with each other and with the trainers too.


Finally, the whole expressed their true wishes to meet at the Advanced Practitioner Course in Illaftrain.