Finishing the activities of "The forties illusion" course by Dr. Hind Basheer.

 Finishing the activities of "The forties illusion" course by Dr. Hind Basheer.

By the support of Illaftrain for training and by the God help, there was the finishing of "The forties illusion" course. This course started on 2-4-2005 and finished on 6-4-2005. It covered 25 training hours with Dr. Hind Basheer in her consultative training clinic.

The attendance were women from different ages (the younger one is in the twenties and the older one is in the sixties), and with different educational levels. They have one aim which is to love the life in a better way and to learn the new which helps at achieving this aim in order to increase their abilities to give with the passing of days, so they assures the forties illusion which is the false name for the after forty stage, and which breaks down many true energies, and prevent the society from their benefit.

All the participants showed a positive interaction and an attractive interest in the introduced topics at the course. Firstly, from the psycho health concept which requires these days not only the freedom from the diseases, but also the distinction and the ability which lead with the passing age to the true happiness, the personal completion, and the true maturity, when there will be the wisdom and the satisfaction of the senility in stead of the despair and the distress, especially in the fifth and the sixth decades. They showed a new concept of motherhood which is the model mother who is balanced in her gifts toward her self, her family, and the others. So she becomes stronger with the passing days. That is opposite of the common emotional concept which is the sacrificing mother who dedicates with the passing of days. Then, the course focused on the power points which the woman gains through her hormone cycle and its effect on her way of dealing with life. When she learns and applies the right ways, she can benefit from that after the forty. So, there was the third part which contained the practical skills for the protection and the positive change. They were the self control skills, the skills of contacting with the self and the others, thinking skills, the skills of concentrating, planning for life, and achieving the aims, imagination skills, the appropriate sport skills, and concentrating on the alimentary skills which help to avoid the bad effects of the hormone changes which occur at this stage, and that help the woman to protect her mind, physical, and emotional health in a balanced way, in order to control her senility somehow by the God will.


These are some trainees opinion about the course and the trainer Dr. Hind Basheer:


By this beneficial course, I can improve my relationship with myself and with the others in order to give the more. The most interesting thing of this course is the intimacy between the whole. The speech of Dr. Hind was serious and from heart to heart, she has the maturity of treatment and the strength of contact. I wish the great benefit for her and for every one I like, and I invite the whole to look at the life in a more beautiful way.

The virtuous educator, Mrs. Omaria Nanoa (retired teacher).


This course gave me new ideas through which I can invest my wasted time in the job and reprogram some of my values and beliefs. The best thing I found in this course is the third part practical exercises which Dr. Hind positive personality helped and motivated us to understand and to apply. I consider Dr. Hind as an ideal because she knew how to reach her aim and how to use her knowledge for the others benefit.

Rania Khoshkar (electric engineer).


What distinguished this course is the exchanged intimacy between the lecturer and the trainees, they felt that they want to get the best, especially that the trainer has the ability to attract the interest of the trainees and to give them the information in the simplest ways, in order to understand it easily.

Salma Roweeha (fourth year- Law).


This course taught me how to accomplish the delayed works, how to strengthen my relationships, and how to increase my superiority in the whole domains. The most distinguished thing was the realistic topics. I want to thank Dr. Hind and say: Thank you doctor, mother, and beacon.

Tagreed Khabbaza (Islamic law license, commerce license).


I will apply what I learned in this course and help the others to apply it. I will lead myself and the others toward the most beautiful thing. I say to Dr. Hind: Our souls will meet you whenever we success at applying this course. God bless you.

Moyassar Ajjan (housewife).


The last day was the day of finishing and distributing the certificates. All trainees assured that it was not the end, but it was the start of a new stage of the interaction with the self, with the others, and with the life, and that the certificates will be the main motive to go forward.


The whole thanked Illaftrain for its great efforts in order to develop the Arab society of Syria with its classes (young, children, women, and men).


These are some photos which express the real atmosphere of this course.