Finishing the activities of Trainers training course HRDA in Albahreen kingdom.

 Finishing the activities of Trainers training course HRDA in Albahreen kingdom.

The activities of trainers training course HRDA was finished  on Thursday 30/12/2004 at 3 o clock p.m. For this occasion, there was a party which contained distributing the certificates for the participants who completed the demands of getting the certificate, through the atmosphere of the high intimacy, and the senses of performance ecstasy…..

Dr. Mohammad Takreeti, the dean of Arab trainers, delivered some words in which he thanked the attendance, the participant trainers, and every person who contributed in the course. He wished the health and the participation in the next courses for Dr. Safia Kara Mohammad (who could not participate in the course because of the difficulty of getting the entrance visa for her)….


The words of Dr. Maitham (Albahreen) were more than wonderful, he emphasized the necessity of the trainer to feel his slavery to the God especially while delivering the training…..


His words had the great effect on the attendance

When asking the middle east academy organizer, the engineer Mohammad Badra, about the related  expectations with the academy, he replied:

The academy standards are spread in many places over the world especially Britain, the far east, and Turk. The licensed trainers in the middle east became more than 70 trainers who have a high level of career ethics and standards, and we expect that the number will be more  than 500 trainers at the end of 2005, so the academy will have its standard stamp in the region. We hope that God will bless us as he will be satisfied, and that the academy will have  a role in releasing the training which has the mission.. the quality.. and the high level.