Finishing the course of "Thinking investment" by the trainer Ahmad Al Khateeb- Algeria.

Finishing the course of "Thinking investment" by the trainer Ahmad Al Khateeb- Algeria.

Although it started with too much of doubt about its benefit, but it finished with too much of the satisfaction and the contentment for the benefit from attending it.


This was the trainees opinions summary about the course of "Thinking improvement" which started on Saturday 2/9/2006 at Alforsan hotel, in Algeria, the capital, with an attendance of

From the first second of the course, there was a clear care about benefiting from it. This was through the great interaction in performing the exercises, so the course content became rich clearly.


The trainees expressed the benefit they got. One of them said that it helped him too much at correcting his thinking. Another one said that it expanded his recognition clearly. The third one said that she did not expect this great positive change that she felt. She became more quiet because of improving her way of thinking. Another trainee said that she became more confident of herself and her ability to think correctly because she got rid of her hesitation and became more courageous to take the decisions.


At the end of the course, there was the certificates distribution through a party, at which some memorial photos were taken.

These are some comments about the course:


Mr. Ahmad was great with the whole sense of the word. I benefited too much from him. God grant him the success at the whole fields.


A photo for the trainees holding the certificates with Mr. Ahmad Nasser Al Khateeb.