Great Success for the two Courses of Speed Reading in Algeria by the Trainer AHMAD ALKHATIB

Great Success for the two Courses of Speed Reading in Algeria by the Trainer AHMAD ALKHATIB

On Tuesday 28 February 2006, the two Courses of Speed Reading Skills have been completed in Almahri Hotel - OUARGLA State, instructed by the Trainer AHMAD NASSER ALKHATIB, ILLAFTrain Trainer. The Trainees have been acquainted with the importance of Speed Reading to save time and to use it optimally, in an exciting presentation of some scientific facts relat

The Trainees responded greatly to the distinctive performance and elocution of the Trainer AHMAD NASSER ALKHATIB through making the exercises requested from them, through which they felt that speeding of reading in a scientific way leads to better comprehension and more remembrance contrary to the current traditional belief that slowing reading helps more to understand.

Through the practical application of the exercises, each Trainee discovered his level, and could measure his speed and comprehension degree within the four days of the Course. Furthermore, there has been a distinctive attendance of ILLAFTrain admirers who honored their Center by their participation in these Courses, in addition to the other attendance from the various class students, university graduates of various specialties, doctors, teachers … etc.


At the end of the two Courses, there has been a ceremony for delivery of the Certificates in presence of the Trainer AHMAD NASSER ALKHATIB and Mr. DARI KADDOUR, ILLAFTrain Manager in Algeria. Mr. DARI KADDOUR delivered a speech to the Trainees encouraged TOWARDS FURTHER interest in human development. He promised them that ILLAFTrain will be faithful to those interested in this field, and it will present to them various Courses in the near future under the supervision of Trainers from ILLAFTrain and with International Standards.


At the end, the Trainees presented the highest expressions of gratitude and appreciation to the Trainer AHMAD NASSER ALKHATIB and to ILLAFTrain - Algeria for the efforts paid in spreading education and knowledge, and they prayed to Almighty God to grant success to all.