ILLAFTrain UAE celebrates the distinguished conclusion of the Women Leaders Empowerment course in Al Ain

ILLAFTrain UAE celebrates the distinguished conclusion of the Women Leaders Empowerment course in Al Ain
Post-course group photos

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates - 2023-07-24

We live in a world that is constantly changing and moving quickly, especially during this rapid technological development. As a result, the skills and competencies required of leaders are changeable. Today's leaders need skills that enable them to keep up with modern changes and anticipate the future so that they, their team, and their organization can stand out among other exceptional organizations.

This course is specifically designed to provide the competencies and skills of cognitively and skillfully empowered leaders to always improve their leadership.

ILLAFTrain UAE presented a Women Leaders Empowerment course for the leaders of the prestigious and venerable UAEU "United Arab Emirates University" on June 21 and 22, 2023, at the Ayla Grand Hotel in Al Ain, continuing its distinguished training process by providing the best and most significant training courses for leaders in the region. The course was led by the certified expert trainer Mrs. Nadia Almheiri - an ILLAFTrain certified expert trainer.

Trainer Nadia Almheiri provided a summary of her practical and unique leadership experience over two intense training days that were full of passion, knowledge, and challenge to acquire truly empowering leaders' skills and competencies. All of this was done to achieve one basic goal, which is to improve the leadership skills of university women leaders, so they can keep up with the future with more sophisticated and contemporary tools.

Each course participant took the BCL® test and received the Emotional Inelegance Report for Leaders, which was one of the course's standout features. The report provides the most prominent recommendations on improving communication, decision-making, and other leadership skills as tools for building effective and stable skills, as well as the ability to regain control of reactions.

Through conversation, engaging, and rich training activities, the trainer covered several topics that are crucial to empowering leaders. Among the most important topics covered by the course:

  • Balancing between personal and professional life.
  • Harmonizing leaders' thoughts with the university's vision and mission.
  • Handling difficult leadership situations with integrity.
  • Building relationships based on rapport, trust, and transparency among all.
  • Flexibility and taking the initiative to change to keep pace with the future.

On the first day, the practical application started when each trainee identified the points in which they have gaps and challenges. Over time, the results started to show up more and more as the trainees explored the techniques and skills that could bridge these gaps in record time and could be used and employed in various daily life's areas.

The course’s second day dealt with the most typical negative leadership scenarios, which made the skills seem more clear and solid to the trainees and helped them realize the new perspective of cognitively and skillfully empowered leaders. This has been practically and realistically applied through the course's practices.

Trainer Nadia Almheiri gave a speech at the end of the course, emphasizing the value of trainees investing in the skills they learned. Also, she inspired and ignited enthusiasm among trainees to put these skills into practice in their professional lives and daily routines to get the most out of them. The course was concluded in a joyful ceremony with passion and challenge, where certificates were rewarded and souvenir photos were taken.

The trainer Nadia Almheiri, on behalf of ILLAFTrain UAE, gave a special thanks to the United Arab Emirates University represented by the Training Department, as Ms. Fatima Al Ketbi from the department received a memorial shield from ILLAFTrain.

ILLAFTrain also extends its gratitude to eminent trainer Nadia Almheiri for sharing her expertise in elevating the participants' leadership positions to a more prestigious and empowered level. The participants confirmed her genuine giving and exceptional impact, and we wish her more brilliance and advancement in her upcoming courses.