Majid's Formula

Course id: MFA
Duration: 1يوم/5 ساعات


Majid's Mental Formula is the first and fastest achievement in the history of English language learning. It enables trainees to learn the language without going through learning complexities, Grammar, of English learning that are prevalent in schools and international institutes which require years to learn. So, English Language Training is done smoothly and easily.
Majid's Mental Formula is summarized in realizing and understanding then applying the formula in 5-hour-day Training. All what trainees need, after the course, is reading and memorizing vocabulary then applying it.
Majid's Mental Formula goes differently to the methods used which it works to raise the competence of the trainees in the English language in several points including: 1 - enthusiasm for learning 2 - the dimensions of mental dispersion ;road map 3 - Transferring the cognitive level to higher levels 6. Knowing the mistakes and self-evaluation by the trainees themselves


  • Serious desire for training and learning.
  • reading some daily used vocabulary.


This Training program targeting all society sectors ,people cannot speak and write English language, especially those who need to develop and correct English language skills acquisition:

  • Leaders.
  • Directors.
  • Staff.
  • Teachers.
  • Trainers.
  • Generally educators.(students).
  • Lovers of travel and cultures (before traveling for courses learning English abroad).
  • Lovers of communication and public relations.


At the End of this course trainees will be able to:

  • Realizing and applying the tenses; present, past and future according to "Majid's Formula ".
  • Question forming according to "Majid's Formula ".
  • Negative "not" sentences according to "Majid's Formula ".
  • Realizing correct writing according to "Majid's Formula ".
  • Realizing speaking skills; possibilities according to "Majid's Formula".
  • Realizing and overcoming difficulties.
  • Starting-up towards fields of work and learning.


First hour:

  • "Majid's Mental Formula" Show, understanding and realizing.
  • Applying English tenses, "Golden Part" present according to "Majid's Formula ".
  • Usage of present tense.
  • Applying and training.

Second hour:

  • Majid's Mental Formula and long sentences.
  • Applying and training.

third hour:

  • Applying English tenses, future according to "Majid's Formula ".
  • Applying and training.
  • Applying English tenses, past according to "Majid's Formula ".
  • Applying and training.

Fourth hour:

  • Question importance to discovery and knowledge.
  • Questions Forming skills according to "Majid's Formula ".
  • Applying and training.
  • Negative sentences according to "Majid's Formula ".
  • Applying and training.

Fifth hour:

  • Conversations and vocabulary evoking.
  • Course end and certificates.