Negotiation Skills for Leaders

Course id: 170
Duration: 2


Negotiation is an essential professional skill that can be learned and improved. This Workshop integrates the latest and most effective negotiation theories and practices to create a unique environment where participants attain valuable and universal skills that are applicable to all types of negotiation settings. The workshop is designed for executives, managers, and other professionals for whom negotiation skills are essential to success. Armed with fundamental principles of effective negotiation that go beyond simplistic formulas and negotiation clichés, you will negotiate one-on-one, in teams, and in groups with other professionals in a variety of negotiation situations. This practical, hands-on workshop will improve your ability to understand and control negotiations. Through lecture, participation in simulations, and discussion, participants learn successful strategies for negotiating with prospective and current customers, vendors, competing businesses, as well as with their associates and colleagues. The program offers a systematic approach to mastering the fundamentals of making favourable agreements that minimize conflict and maximize results.




The Workshop is ideal for top executives, managers, and other professionals whose ability to negotiate effectively is critical to their success. Professionals with any level of negotiating experience are encouraged to attend.


At the end of this course participants will be able to: Increase awareness about negotiation complexity Making the better analysis of their negotiation Enhancing their negotiation skills, broadening their repertoire Dealing efficiently with tensions, differences, and conflicts Improving working relationships, with subordinates, peers, and superiors Making better deals and contracts, especially in international contexts Learning how to be a mediator, to facilitate others' projects or conflicts Learning how to really learn from experience Learning how to maximize the potential of making an agreement on your terms Identifying strengths and weaknesses in personal negotiating style Improving your ability to make good choices in negotiation strategy Learning strategies and tactics for gaining power in negotiations


What is Negotiation? Conflict & Negotiation Levels of Conflict Types of Negotiations The Negotiation Team Team Roles & Responsibilities Team Control Personal Control Signaling The Negotiation Process BATNA Opening Position Bargaining Movement Closing