Qatar – Doha: Neural Linguistic Programming Diploma course has a special taste

Qatar – Doha: Neural Linguistic Programming Diploma course has a special taste
Group photo at the end of the event

Among the activities of ILLAFTrain – Doha and in the last quarter of 2012, both the trainer Hamza Aldosari and trainer Hussein Habib Al-Sayed provided the NLP course which was held at the Hotel Movenpick Tower, which was completely from its beginning to end using Accelerated Learning techniques where the

The course focus was on innovative technologies for Accelerated Learning, such as:

  • Water pistols war.
  • Colors factory and the humanitarian situation.
  • Ball challenge and the rope.
  • 3D construction of the castle.
  • Pushing and resistance.



During the course, the application of practices and practical skills with the trainees has been done. Besides the impact of acquired skills on the audience through discussion and exchange of views and ideas. The trainees enjoyed the course because they have applied practical lessons on themselves and those around them, and with the end of the course, the challenge was increased by presenting some of video sketches showing some of the great personalities that overcome the so-called impossible.

At the end of the course, certificates were distributed and some souvenir photos were picked up.





Trainee’s comments:

Abdullah Ali - a businessman:

It was one of the best courses I have attended in the development of self, because if a man is without a goal, he will be in futility. Thank you very much, appreciation and respect.


Bana Berry - author and translator:

I read on the subject of programming previously and listened to tapes about it but the presenting methods and special exercises and cooperation issued by trainers and their discussion gave me great dimensions and significantly enriched the topic and motivated me to apply what I learned and to learn more, the course atmospheres was very positive and we did not feel how the time finished.


Issa Rashid al-Saadi - a college student:

Trainer’s openness (Mr. Hamza and Mr. Hussein) was high. I was excited with them because I saw by that the desire to communicate science.


Suhad Tawfiq - Doha Bank:

A wonderful course where I learned a lot of positivity that emerged clearly in the inner feeling and psychological comfort gained somewhat in spite of my need for increased application of programming more, and I have learned how life is simpler and more beautiful than the picture in our memories and actually the map is not as the fact, the explaining of Professor Hamza and Mr. Hussein was at the top of the beauty and has a clear impact on my day so I often remember their phrases their body language for each of them, there are good feelings I felt through the beautiful times that I have spent and a new family was generated and I hope continue to communicate with them.


Maha Rashid - engineer:

I liked the discussions and dialogue during the course and hearing the experiences of others and their stories influenced me a lot, particularly because it connects life experiences with scientific material, the exercises were very helpful because they translate a lot of speeches in a clearer way. I look forward to complete the next courses to explain more the features of NLP.


Mohammed Issa Al-Ansari - law student at Qatar University:

The spirit of fun and intimacy and ice breaking all was positives in the  course as well as the explicit trainer style which make the trainee feels responsible.


Hassan Muhanna Al-Ajmi - a college student:

I think that this course is the keys to success in my life, relationships, and help me to know the my values that are hidden and help me solve my problems   and control myself, I thank God that I had taken this course when I'm still at the beginning of my life.


Ali Rashid al-Saadi:

With regard to me I found that there is no anything better than the course and there was wonderful information but very intense, but if there was more time it would be better to understand and to do each exercise perfectly.


Aisha Ibrahim Al Kuwari –administrative supervisor:

The course was beautiful and wonderful and helpful, it is a beautiful thing to have trainers who break the boredom and increase the spirit of participation, and they were at the top of respect, allowing for participation and respect the participants whatever their participation really is beautiful and distinctive, and I liked the simple games that is useful in the apparent but it has deep meanings, Some speeches was painful but on the wound it will heals wounds that we forgotten.


Sheikh Mishaal bin Jaber Al Thani - Chairman of Qatar policies for oil and gas:

The course was excellent and very practical and the applications were very useful and I have a special request: to a repeat this type of courses more and several times more each year.



I like applications in the course and this what make it distinctive where the effectiveness and activity unlike the other courses I have attended where there were only little applications, the course generally was excellent and many thanks to the organizers and lecturers.


Anoud Mohannadi - Qatar Petroleum:

The course was so wonderful, I discovered myself and my abilities, the course helps to enhance communication with oneself and improve communication with others, and NLP course was a terrific investment for my time and strong support for my abilities.


Kaltham Kaabi - engineer:

I learned a lot, and got how to know knowledge keys and self-discovery, the three sites exercise made me think more and understand what is happening around me, all thanks to the coaches and organizers and their arrangements for the course.