Signing the contract of ILLAFtrain Franchise – Constantine, Algeria.

Signing the contract of ILLAFtrain Franchise – Constantine, Algeria.

By the God help, there was the signing of the Franchise contract of Constantine region in Algeria, on Thursday 10/8/ 2006.


The establisher team of the Franchise (The professor trainer Raoof Maiza, and the engineer trainer Sameer Koheel showed a high grade of the will and the determination to contribute at achieving ILLAFtrain mission in order to make the high level training an instrument for changing toward the best.

The team seeks to make this aspirant project as the light resource to the region population with their all scientific and social levels, and it waits for the support and the effective help from all ILLAFtrain teams, especially ILLAFtrain trainer team in Algeria. It also works for a creative partnership with the franchises of Wraqla, the capital Algeria, and the other franchises.


A general view for the region will enable us from realizing the expected quality and dimensions of the franchise activity. These are the most important information:

The franchise contains a group of the Algerian east cities, especially Constantine, Staif, Boraireej tower….

Constantine (Sairta at past) is a very ancient city, which is considered from past until now as the capital of the Algerian eastern region. For the Algerian, it is the science city. Its new cultural tradition is related to its most famous sons, Al Sheikh Abdelhameed Ibn Badees, the new rise leader in Algeria. It has a great university pole, especially the university of prince Abdelqader for Islamic sciences. From another side, the city has a great industry region, at which there are many industries (mechanical, chemical, alimental, tissue,…)

The city is built on a big rock. Its famous sights are: The green mosque and its school, the greet Islamic university mosque, the suspension bridges,….

One view of Constantine city, and one of the suspension bridges.

A view of the Islamic prince university mosque in Constantine.

Staif is the second state after the capital Algeria in the republic from the population number. It is the basic axis of passing between the country and the whole east. So, it is considered as one of the central and the most active states in Algeria. From another side, during the last ten years, the trade movement became active, and the center Staif and Alilma (it is a related city to Staif state administratively) became the most famous works place in Algeria. In addition, it has one of the biggest university poles of Africa.

A general view of Staif city.


For Boraireej tower city, its most important characteristic is that it became the pole of the electronic industry in Algeria. It is the center of the places and the factories of the greatest universal companies representatives (Samsung, Tomson, Fillips, L.G,…)

If we want to know the horizons of training activity in the region, we can summarize them in three sides:

The scientific level of the region is generally high by seeing the old tradition of the region in the science domain, in addition to examining the number and the volume of the available universities and institutions. So, it is expected that the courses of learning, thinking, and NLP will be of the most attractive courses.

Its famous industrial feature and works volume push us to expect a huge activity at the courses of management development and marketing.

The region population number is very high (more than 6 millions persons). This fact will open a wide field for the courses that have the general family and social dimension.


Finally, we wish the success to the franchise team.

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