Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Duration: 5 Day/ 5 H per day


NLP helps individuals and organisations to pinpoint the difference that makes the difference, in terms of communications and behaviour. NLP has proved to be highly effective in helping both people and organisations to achieve their goals, by specifically defining the most appropriate outcome and then planning to make this achievable. Outcome oriented organisations and individuals have a clear vision of where they are heading and how to get there. This is an expression of everyone involved, thus resulting in a high level of motivation and commitment to the future. They are also innovative and influential.


for certification for ILLAFTRAIN NLP Diploma are:

  • Trained by an ILLAFTRAIN registered NLP Trainer.
  • The certification training meets ILLAFTRAIN training structure requirements.
  • The candidate has successfully met the competency standards of ILLAFTRAIN of NLP Diploma, as assessed by the registered ILLAFTRAIN Trainer:
    1. ATTITUDE (You are expected to demonstrate your behavioral integration and embodiment of the three legs of NLP at all times.)
    2. CONTENT KNOWLEDGE (you are expected to know the content at appropriate levels of principles, techniques and skills)
    3. BEHAVIOURAL SKILL (ALL of the NLP Diploma skills are required to be behaviorally demonstrated with both self and others.)



This is a general course. More than 4000 people from various backgrounds have taken this training.


  • Become an excellent and irresistible communicator.
  • Make individual and corporate changes - systemically.
  • Use language to change the internal experience of yourself and others.
  • Create caring relationships.
  • Establish and maintain rapport with anyone at anytime (whether they like you or not).
  • Increase your powers of observation and be able to see what others don\'t see.
  • Effectively use verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Recognize and communicate with the different thinking and communication styles.
  • Create powerful states in yourself and others that you can
  • Create automatic triggers for self-confidence, creativity, serenity etc. Learn the basics of NLP technology.
  • And much more!!


First Day:

  • The Learning Ladder
  • The History of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Presuppositions of NLP (keys to personal development)

Second Day:

  • Outcome frame.
  • The Three Legs of NLP
    - Know in detail what your outcome is (and is not)
    - Have the sensory skills to know when you are achieving it
    - Have the flexibility to change your behavior until you get it
  • Well-formed Outcomes
    - Ensuring that what you think you want really is what you want
  • The Present to Desired State Model
  • The NLP Communication Model
    - The filters everyone has through which they perceive events
    - How an external event causes an internal representation
    - The effect of internal representations on our state, physiology and behavior

Third Day:

§         Representational System

§         Visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic styles, how to recognize them and use them
to improve your communication

§         Predicates

§         Eyes Accessing Cues

§         Submodalities

§         Meta Programmes

§         Perceptual Positions

Forth Day:

§         Rapport; how to build and improve relationship skills
- Matching & mirroring; how people like people who are like themselves
- Pacing & leading; how to test whether you have built a successful

§         Sensory Acuity
- Fine tuning your senses to better understand the reactions of others (and

Fifth Day:

  • Change of Perspective / NBG (New Behavior Generator)
    - A simple tool for solving problems and generating creativity
  • Simple kinaesthetic anchoring
    - How to "store" your resources (eg. confidence, happiness, calm) and then
    regenerate the appropriate resource whenever it is needed


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