Body Language

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Duration: 5 Day/ 5 H per day


The man is a sociable being in his nature. He needs to communicate with his surrounding. As human beings, we own the most important communication means able to express whatever we want without uttering any word. This means is the physiology or body expressions shown in the motions, gestures and non-verbal channels. Mahrabian has found that 7 % of our communication is achieved through our words only, and 38 % through our voice and 55 % through our body. Berdhoisel estimated that the ordinary person speaks totally ten minutes or eleven minutes per day, and the medium sentence takes only two seconds and a half. This indicates that we communicate mostly and more effectively through our body language, and shows how it is important to know this language and its benefits in helping us to understand what the others want through their body language.


The participant in this Course does not need to have a certain specialization.


This Course is addressed to everyone who has the desire to improve his communication with the others, particularly the educators, teachers or and administrative workers including the managers, functionaries and employees in the field of marketing, sales and negotiation, trainers, orators, artists and individuals .


At the end of the Course, each Trainee will become able to:

  • Know the importance of the body language in communication with others.
  • Know and apply techniques and skills that help in using the body language and having control on it.
  • Know the elements of the body language.
  • Match the verbal signals with the non-verbal signals.


The First Day:

  • Basic points at the start of learning.
  • Illustrating how the skill is transferred from the conscious to the unconscious.
  • The importance of the visual communication in communicating with others.
  • Sharpening and strengthening the vision sense.
  • How to use the face expressions in conveying the message to the others.
  • How to establish for a successful communication by using the smile.
  • Using the intimacy and eliminating the intimacy (the voice - the physiology - respiration - the conformable complexion color - the cross mirror - the mirror reflection).

    The Second Day:
  • How to use and apply the three locations in dealing with the others.
  • Knowing and applying the gestures (the hands - arms - head).
  • Application of flexibility in voice and motion.

    The Third Day:
  • Knowing and applying the standing and sitting positions and their indications.
  • Knowing the feet directions and their meanings.
  • Knowing how to conform between your inner condition and outer condition.

    The Fifth Day:
  • Knowing the forms of the sitting body.
  • Knowing the effect of the surrounding environment on communication process.
  • Knowing the techniques and strategies of office design.
  • Presentation of case study in house - street - job center.

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    Dr. Mohammed Pedra
    United Arab Emirates
    Dr. Mohammed Pedra
    Dr. M azzam Alkasim
    United Arab Emirates