Delivery Art

Course id: 1008
Duration: 6 Day/ 6 H per day


Day after day, training importance increases, and the markets grow till the available trainers can not cover them. ILLAFTrain offers this course to support training market by the best trainers who have the required knowledge and experiences, and which this course offers.


The participant in this Course does not need to have a certain specialization.


This course is designed for both new and professional trainers; Human Resources managers; educational organizations managers; and for every one concerns with teaching, education and training. Its primary purpose is to prepare the new trainers to be professional trainers; to enable them from analyzing training needs and determining training purposes; and to design, present and evaluate the courses through face to face training, in small training groups, and by the supervision of many specialized trainers.


The Trainee will become able to:

·         Know the Public Speaking Benefits, Definitions of Communication, Levels of Communication

·         Know & apply the Ethics of Trainer (Definition of Ethics, Principles of Ethics)

·         Perceive the Ethical Speaking

·         Perceive the Ethical Listening

·         Know & apply the Speaking Confidently techniques>

·         Control Speaker Nervousness

·         Know & apply the Delivering your Speech (Principles of Nonverbal Communication)

·         Recognize the elements of Vocal Delivery

·         Recognize the elements of Physical Delivery

·         Organizing the body of his speech

·         Introduce and Conclude his speech

·         Know & apply The Strategy of Persuasion

·         Know & apply The Structure of Persuasion


First Day:

·         Public Speaking Benefits

·         Definitions of Communication

·         Levels of Communication

·         Components of Communication

·         The Trainer as Critical Thinker

The Ethics of Trainer

·         Definition of Ethics

·         Principles of Ethics

·         Ethical Speaking

·         Ethical Listening

·         Fair Use Guidelines

Speaking Confidently

  • Control Speaker Nervousness
  • Prepare Your First Speech
  • Evaluate Your Speech


Second Day: Delivering your Speech:

  • Principles of Nonverbal Communication

·         Methods of Delivery

  • Qualities of Effective Delivery

·         Elements of Vocal Delivery

·         Elements of Physical Delivery


Third Day: Organizing the body of your speech

  • Formulate an Organizing Question

·         Divide the Speech into Key Ideas

  • Develop the Key Ideas
  • Connect the Key Ideas


Forth Day: Introducing and Concluding Your speech

  • Organize the Introduction of the Speech
  • Organize the Conclusion of the Speech


Fifth Day: The Strategy of Persuasion

  • The Importance of Persuasion
  • Definition of Persuasion
  • Types of Influence
  • The Pyramid of Persuasion
  • Types of Persuasive Speeches
  • Persuasive Speaking Strategies


Sixth Day: The Structure of Persuasion

·         Making Arguments

·         Steps of an Argument

·         Refuting an Argument

·         Types of Argument

·         Fallacies of Argument

·         Selecting Propositions for Persuasive Speeches

·        Monroe's Motivated Sequence




Dr. Mohammed Pedra
United Arab Emirates
Dr. Mohammed Pedra
Dr. M azzam Alkasim