Spain - Madrid: training lecture entitled "Goals Setting" for trainer Adil Abbadi

Spain - Madrid: training lecture entitled "Goals Setting" for trainer Adil Abbadi
Trainer Adil Abbadi

The determining of objectives is considered as a first step, or the cornerstone of success. It is normal if someone wanted to buy a pen, for example, before going out of the house he must decide any kind he want and any color he will buy, otherwise he will find himself wasting his time and effort in the movement between shops.

This was the title of the training lecture provided by the trainer Adil Abbadi, the lecture was organized by the kind association in a public garden in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

The trainer has used the method of brainstorming to reach several previous knowledge and earnings in order to build new knowledge and experience, where he reached with the trainees to the following:

  • Dividing the Goals, according to the time needed by each objective to be accomplished , there are short-term objectives achieved during the day or week, medium-term objectives achieved during the month, semester or year, and long-term objectives such as those achieved in the coming five years or ten years or along the entire age.
  • The primary benefit of this division is to facilitate the process of identifying your priorities. When there is a conflict between main and sub main objective, you can waive or postpone work on the sub main-objective, and in the case of a conflict between long-term objective and near-term objective you can postpone the long-term objective.
  • To assist in determining objectives, One of studies has put five Basics that must be taken into account when setting the objectives. These basics are the first letters of the word (SMART).

 At the end of the lecture everyone went at a steady pace in order to formulate their life objectives to improve their levels of humanity.