Syria- Damascus: Aisha Laznak visits the world's oldest capital

Syria- Damascus: Aisha Laznak  visits the world's oldest capital

The first Algerian trainer who trains ILLAFTrain programs in Syria has visited this country in order to conduct two courses in Time Management and Learning Excellence.

Her plane landed in Damascus on August 5, where a representative of ILLAFTrain was waiting to escort her. Later, they started their trip to Lattakia, where ILLAFTrain The Mother Company resides, and where the two courses are scheduled.

Having finished the courses,  the trainer was supposed to leave for Algeria on August 29, and she headed for Damascus. But there, she received a stay invitation from Bashira Al hashimi in order to sightsee in the city. Consequently, the trip was postponed until September 3.

On Thursday, the trainer visited some important Damascene monuments, including The Umayyad Mosque, Alazem Palace, the Tomb of Saladin, Khan Asa'd Basha, the old Souk of Al Hamedia, and the houses of Mohey Al Deen Bin Arabi and Prince Abdul Qader Al Jazairi.

A hike on Friday was the trainer's request. After which, on Saturday, they visited several Bookshops and publishing companies book shopping. Later that evening, she visited Bashira Al hashimi at her residence at Saieda Zeinab, south of Damascus.

On Sunday and Monday the trainer visited many people who invited her during her stay. Ms. Laznak reported that this journey had a great positive intellectual, psychological and informative impact on her life.