Syria, Lattakia : The trainer Abderrahman Yousif attending the trainers training course for the program of discovering the international human law.

 Syria, Lattakia : The trainer Abderrahman Yousif attending the trainers training course for the program of discovering the international human law.

By cooperating with the Education Ministry in Syria, the international committee of the red cross held a course under the title of (Discovering the international human law, trainers training course). This course was in 30 October till 2 November at Al Meridian hotel in Lattakia (Omaia hall). Mr. Abderrahman Yousif was (a certified trainer at ILLAFTrain, and a trainer of thinking teaching program) one of this course participants, where there is a group of the specialist directors and teachers, and with the attendance of Mr. Jan Jack Freezer; head of t

It is worthy to mention that: The favor of establishing the international committee is due to the vision of one man (Henry Donan) who was excited with the war views in Solvrino town, at the north of Italy, when the Austrian and French armies clashed in a predatory battle. After 16 hours of fighting, the battlefield was full of 40000 killed and wounded bodies. At this day evening, the Switzerland citizen (Henry Donan) arrived. He was in pain for seeing thousands of soldiers from the two armies suffering from the lack of medical care. He directed a call to the native inhabitants to give the help and medical car3e. When he returned to Switzerland, Donan published Solvrino (souvenir) book which directed two calls, in which he asks to form help associations at peace time that contain nurses to help the wounded at war time, and to recognize those volunteers according to an international law. The international movement of the red cross and the red crescent is spread and active in all countries. The movement is united and directed by seven basic principles: Humanism, non alignment, neutralism, independence, voluntary service, union, and universality. The goal of the red cross and the red crescent activities is one: Decreasing human pains without the distinction, and protecting human dignity.


The international human law is a group of rules that protect, at war times, people who do not participate in fighting, or who are no longer able to participate in it.

The basic goal of this law is to stop the human suffering and avoid it at the armed disputes.


However, the program of (discovering the international human law) seeks basically to help the young to comply with the human principles in their daily life, and at evaluating the events in their countries and outside them. This is with taking into consideration that the international human law seeks to save the human souls and dignity at the armed disputes times, and to decrease suffering and destruction of the war and prevent their occurrence.


Developing the awareness of international human law and understanding it with other related human issues is considered as an attempt to prevent violating the international human law, and this is the case for developing the ability to maintain the human rights through the school instruction.


These are some photos of the course:

Mr. Abderrahman Yousif with Mr. Jan Jack Freezer, head of the international committee mission of the red cross in Syria.

Mr. Abderrahman Yousif picking up the certificate from Mr. Jan Jack Freezer, at the side of him are Mr. Ziad Abollaban; the regional coordinator of the program, and Mr. Ali Nasser; the education manager in Lattakia.

A group photo of the course participants.