The way to become computer maintenance professional.

The way to become computer maintenance professional.

Among Illaftrain activities for winter 2005, there was an evening under the title of (The way to become computer maintenance professional) on 17/3/2005. The lecturer was the engineer trainer Imad Sheikh Housain who has a bachelor degree at the electric and the electronic engineering from Tishreen university, Trainers training certificate from the British Academy for HRD, and who is an NLP practitioner, and computer trainer for more than five years.

The lecturer talked about (The M+ direction), he clarified the computer importance in the society life and how it is related to the whole issues, and presented the direction characteristics and its positive points. He divided the evening into two parts. One of them is about the first course (CORE HARD WARE) in which he talked in detail about the first chapter  which contains the processor, RAM, and the mother board. In the second part, he talked about the second course (OPERATING SYSTEM). He talked in detail about the second chapter of it which is the warehousing means. He explained the flexible, hard, and laser disks, in addition to SCSI and RAID disks.


At the end, he finished by motivating the trainees to the required interest in this issue to lead our nation toward the prosperity and the development.


This evening is for every one who is interested in the computer and for all society categories as doctors, teachers, students, and even craftsmen.


The lecturer said that using what was mentioned at the lecture will have positive results on their personal life, and this will lead the professional persons of this field to good relationships with the others, they will acquire their respect, trust, and interest, and it will have the decisive word even in the issues which are not related to the computer. The big companies will hurry to employ the person who has the M+ certificate for his technical experiences which qualify him to work in them, and they will be sure that their equipments are in safe hands.