Thinking Muscles - Improvement of Regulation Level

Course id: 1165
Duration: 3 Day/ 5 H per day


In order not to be one of those moving aimlessly, and not to suffer from confusion and hesitation, and in order not to behave unsystematically, and due to the negative effects of chaos and random in thinking which we feel everyday; we present the second part of Thinking Improvement Program" Thinking Muscles" which is interested in regulating thinking and keeping it in the line that guides you to your target.


The participant does not need to have a certain specialization.


  • The young boys and girls between 10 - 18 years old who seek to possess skills that support and activate their thinking.
  • The guardians who have the desire to enrich the thinking of their children and to develop their mental potentials.
  • The teachers who aim at affording benefit to their students and to raise their educational levels.

  • Objectives

    At the end of the Course, each Trainee will become able to comprehend and apply a number of skills which help him to:

  • Manage and regulate the thinking processes more effectively.
  • Determine a purpose and a specified result to thinking processes.
  • Recognize the attitudes in a better way through analyzing and comparing them.
  • Determine his personal choices depending on suitable justifications.
  • Keep a certain mental process in the concentration focus.
  • Combine the information and summarize it, and show the weaknesses therein.

  • Content

    The First Day:

  • Introduction about the second part.
  • The ten muscles which are :
  • Accurate recognition of the problems, attitudes and meanings.
  • Analyzing the attitudes for recognizing and understanding them.
  • Comparing the attitudes, meanings and things to recognize them more accurately.

    The Second Day:
  • Creating the personal choices with justification.
  • Finding other methods and means in viewing the attitudes and things.
  • Selecting the process from which we launch the thinking.
  • Arranging the sequence of the mental processes in a certain system.

    The Third Day:
  • Keeping a certain process in the concentration and interest focus.
  • Reconstruction, assembly and restoration of thinking.
  • Reaching clear conclusions.
  • Conclusion.

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