Studying Excellence (Ghaiyer Scholarship)

Course id: 3743
Duration: 3 dyas/ 5 H per day


In this course we will provide hints, tips and tools relating to taking notes in the classroom, during reading, in the library, or even when you are surfing the internet, and on how you prepare yourself for exams, how to strengthen your memory, how to eliminate boredom, how you save time in studying while increasing your understanding and how you organize a study timetable so that you get the best results in less time


University and school students: not less than high school students (over sixteen years old), or any learner who wants to improve his method of educational attainment


Although this course is directed at high school students, the number of those students didn’t exceed half of the attendees. And more surprisingly, many of the attendees were adults. Some of them decided to continue their education and found that this course is the best way to activate their memory with regard to studying. Some of them haven’t studied for a long time, but discovered that if they were able to learn the studying skills that their teachers did not teach them (or that they didn’t try to learn) their performance in their current job would improve. Many of the course attendees were parents who were complaining about the same issue: “How do I help my son or daughter to read well” (studying and answering correctly in the exam, improving memory and getting higher grades). Thus, this course targets (middle or high school, and university) students and their parents


By the end of this course, each trainee will be able to:

  • Know and apply the basics of positive thinking that lead to excellence.
  • Distinguish between the necessary planning requirements for excellence.
  • Know and use the time matrix.
  • Learn how to enhance memory.
  • Apply academic reading stages.
  • Deal with test anxiety.
  • Prepare for getting high grades.
  • Know the rules of the test day.


Why do we need studying excellence?

  • Positive thinking.
  • Imagination is a basis for success.
  • Confidence instead of dependency.


  • Excellence strategy.
  • What is planning?
  • The importance of planning.
  • What are your needs?
  • Time matrix.
  • How do I become effective?
  • The “True North” principle.
  • Defining responsibilities.
  • Defining objectives.
  •  Time management: one day only.
  •  Time management: one week only.
  •  Time management through figures.
  • Assess your performance continually.

Understanding and comprehension

  • The importance of understanding and comprehension in learning.
  • How to make notes on a lecture.
  • Your study environment.
  • Relaxing and quiet sleep.
  • But, how can we achieve quiet and comfortable sleep?
  • Can we enhance memory?
  • Academic reading and its related stages.

How to pass any exam?

  • Deal with test anxiety.
  • “I know that I can”.
  • How to reduce your anxiety?
  • I become relaxed as soon as I can.
  • Preparing for getting high grades.
  •  Why brain loading is useless?
  • Test yourself.
  • The rules of test day.
  • What should we do in the first hours before the exam?
  • Morning relaxation exercise.
  • Eat your breakfast.
  • The habit of last minute reading.
  • Eight key states to pass the exam successfully.
  • Strategies of undertaking an exam (during the exam)
  • Top student habits during the exam.

Assistance techniques (optional)

  • Programming the subconscious mind: creative visualization.
  • Programming the subconscious mind: repetition.