ILLAFTrain-Chicago is to be born shortly

ILLAFTrain-Chicago is to be born shortly
The Wrigley Building, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Engineer Muhammad Pedra, The General Manager of ILLAFTrain in the Middle East visited the USA between 07/12/2007 and 12/01/2008 His visit to The USA had several goals, all of which accomplished successfully. Obtaining the accreditation as an Accelerated Learning Trainer, holding several seminars and training courses under ILLAFTrain logo, and researching the training market in the USA, preparing for the soon-to-come ILLAFTrain-Chicago.


The program started by attending a training course in Phoenix, Arizona, after which he was accredited as an Accelerated Learning Trainer. At the same time, Mr. Pedra went through negotiations with International Trainer Dave Meier, after which they reached a package of agreements, including:

  • ILLAFTrain to be certified in training Accelerated learning in the Arab World.
  • Mr. Pedra to be certified to initiate a program for training trainers on Accelerated Learning Methods, in order to obtain accreditation to be AL trainers.
  • Producing a special TV program about AL in Arabic.

In a different context, Mr. Pedra held two seminars, one in Mervil, Indiana and another one in Illinois. He also conducted two training courses in NLP, one in South Bend and the other in Crown Point, all these seminars and courses targeted the Arabic community.


Results were excellent in all directions, the number of follow up calls and invitations for other seminars and courses indicates this success. ILLAFTrain-Chicago, another successful outcome of this visit, will see the light in a few months.


On behalf of ILLAFTrain and all its trainers and franchisees, we would like to thank those who were a great help in making this visit successful, particularly Dr. Almohannad Alfarhan and his wife, Mrs. Nouha Alrifa’i, the manager of avenicia academy, Mrs. Rana Abo Dao'od and all others whose appreciated contribution will always be in our hearts.