ILLAFTrain UAE at a Special Course Conclusion for Personal Compass 2024

ILLAFTrain UAE at a Special Course Conclusion for Personal Compass 2024
Group photo at the conclusion ceremony

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates - 2024-01-02

ILLAFTrain UAE effectively conducted a Personal Compass 2024 course in Al Ain on December 20 and 21, 2023, as a continuation of its efforts to produce unique trainers on the training industry.


Course Trainer

“Time is our most valuable resource, so invest in it carefully and deliberately to fulfill your professional and personal goals.”

Following these words, the course started and was led by certified master trainer Mahra Ahmed, who gave an overview of her training experiences with ILLAFTrain UAE. The trainer was eager to impart all her knowledge, abilities, and concepts to the trainees. Also, the trainer's explanation centered on the time value and how crucial it is to invest it wisely to reach goals.


Training Materials 

“These aren't just any pieces of paper; instead, they're special planning tools and templates that will enable you to accomplish all of your 2024 goals.”

The training materials covered significant and genuinely strategic concepts and ideas. Achieving the best possible personal and desired results while working toward the most important goals and challenges for 2024 is the main objective of all of this.

The most prominent of these concepts and ideas were as follows:

  • Trainees' Goals: These are the desired results. These results are expectations, which are good only if they help you give clear reasons for reaching them.
  • Self-Confidence: Their self-confidence grows with each genuine step they take toward their desired goal, and vice versa.
  • Addressing Each Human's Basic Needs: While working to set specific goals for these needs. There are four needs: the (material) need to live, the (collective) need to love, the (mental) need to learn, and the (spiritual) need to make a difference. All of this is done to help them reach an internal state of balance regarding these needs.
  • Time's Importance, Value, and Magnificence: What people do with their time determines its value. Time's qualities were discussed, its worth was emphasized, and the real return on investment grew.


Course's Vibes

“The key to success in life is always being aware of time and making an effort to manage it well.”

Every trainee felt challenged to learn the value of time management, as well as its qualities and secrets, and how to make the right investments. Also, the course helped trainees to create the best professional life mission and then be able to address procrastination- one of the biggest challenges that anyone can face today.

The course was further distinguished by several exercises and activities that each trainee has applied in the class, such as:

  • Assuming they have a certain amount of money, each trainee is given a piece of paper on which they write down all of their daily needs.
  • Each trainee is given another piece of paper on which they write their life's mission and their goals.
  • On a third piece of paper, each trainee was instructed to write the qualities or attributes of time from their own perspective.
  • On a fourth piece of paper, each trainee went for the internal balance test before putting it in the emergency box.


Conclusion Moments

“Powerful start to set out in the success and goal-achieving world.”

During the conclusion moments, the course trainer, Mahra Ahmed, gave a brief overview of the key concepts covered in the course and urged the participants to stick to the goals set at the end of the event.

Training certificates were given to the trainees at random during the conclusion moments. This is where each participant has to read the person's name on the certificate, approach them, and give them their certificate. This is to spread the participation spirit.

Finally, amid an environment infused with a sense of progress and success, certificates were awarded and souvenir photos were taken for everyone.