ILLAFTrain UAE Celebrates the Conclusion of the NLP Course Series at Its Three Levels

ILLAFTrain UAE Celebrates the Conclusion of the NLP Course Series at Its Three Levels
Group photo at the end of the course

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates - 2023-04-01

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a modern and effective technique for improving communication and self-promotion. All levels of NLP training are crucial because they equip participants with the knowledge and abilities to engage and communicate with others more effectively, cope more effectively with challenging situations, and develop both their personal and professional relationships.

Based on the fascination with man as a unique being and a lineage on earth, ILLAFTrain UAE is constantly eager to offer the most important training events that have a positive impact on man's day-to-day activities. Based on this conviction, the NLP course series (NLP Diploma, NLP Assistant, and NLP Practitioner), directed by the consultant trainer Dr. Mohammed Pedra and the expert trainer Mr. Majed bin Afif, was concluded by ILLAFTrain UAE in Al Ain from February 27 to March 16, 2023. Participants from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tanzania, and Turkey attended the training event, which welcomed people from a variety of backgrounds. This encouraged engagement during the training event's discussions.


The three main topics that have been used to explain the NLP levels throughout the training event are as follows:

First topic: The training event's opening topic, "Think," focuses on describing thinking skills and enhancing mental performance. Participants will learn about the distinction between the conscious and unconscious minds as well as how to apply this information to succeed in both personal and professional life. In addition to introducing the participants to Intellectual Motives, Sensory Channels, Representational Systems, and Building Rapport, the topic also offers a thorough explanation of the assumptions of successful people and how to apply them. This level has been interspersed with numerous applications and exercises that assist learners in learning and using these skills in both their personal and professional lives.


Second topic: The second level of the training event is "Control," and it teaches the participants how to control their emotions and adopt a positive outlook. This level also covers looking ahead and planning the future in a way that will help attain the intended goals, as well as providing methods for altering experiences and forming constructive habits. At this stage, the trainers sought to train the participants how to apply these techniques to boost their self-esteem and perform better in both their personal and professional lives. This level is crucial for enhancing interpersonal relationships and attaining success in a variety of spheres of life.


Third topic: "Connect," covers a number of abilities relevant to enhancing interpersonal contact and communication. The main goal was to train the participants how to utilise accurate language and conversation and framing strategies to better communication. Along with training participants how to use the Milton language and the language of influence and persuasion to improve interpersonal relationships, this topic also covers all exercises and activities pertaining to the application of these skills in a variety of social and professional settings, as well as in conflict resolution and problem solving.


The days of the training coincided with a significant occasion, which was the trainer Zainab Al-Mutawa's graduation ceremony and success in earning the title of certified Temujin trainer after passing all necessary tests. Zainab was commended on her remarkable accomplishment by ILLAFTrain UAE and the attendees of the training event.

It is worth noting that Temujin is an integrated approach designed to help individuals and organizations build supreme self-esteem and the skills to deal with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by developing the skills needed to strike a successful and distinctive balance in life (personal and professional).


With such a festive atmosphere and such success came the closing ceremony and the awarding of certificates to the participants in this important event.