ILLAFTrain UAE starts 2023 with Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Course

ILLAFTrain UAE starts 2023 with Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Course
Group photo at the conclusion ceremony

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates - 2023-03-28

Despite the rapid advancement of technology in our day and age, man is still a crucial factor that must not be disregarded. As a result, efforts had to be made to upgrade human knowledge and skills in a way that keeps them current with this development. Working to teach people emotional intelligence abilities is one aspect of keeping them current with said development.

ILLAFTrain UAE welcomed the year 2023 with a certified practitioner course in emotional intelligence in Al Ain, from January 1 to January 5, under the eminent direction of the Consultant Trainer Dr. Mohammed Pedra and the Expert Trainer Mr. Majed bin Afif, in recognition of the United Arab Emirates' pioneering role in keeping pace with knowledge and progress at various levels and in accordance with general trends in the nation.

The Certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence course is one of the certified courses at Brainycore, which focuses on the advancement of the science of emotional intelligence and its skills.

It was a fun-filled five days of learning as Dr. Mohammed Pedra and Mr. Majed bin Afif eagerly shared a summary of their expertise in the field of emotional intelligence and poured that knowledge into the training room for the participants to use.

The course started with the (BCA®) test of emotional intelligence provided by Brainycore before participants received the Report in Emotional Intelligence for Leaders (BCL), which summarizes the findings of the emotional intelligence skills assessment. This report reveals the precise skill level of the training program participants as well as the most important strengths and weaknesses that should be improved through the advice and direction given to the trainees.

The following stage entails thoroughly outlining the skills, providing the trainees with real-world examples, and having them practice useful exercises that significantly improve the participants' emotional intelligence skills.

The trainers, Dr. Mohammed and Mr. Majed, went over the four main fields that make up the BrainyCore Emotional Intelligence model:


The first area: Know Yourself: contains four basic skills:

  • Understand the meanings of emotions.
  • Understand reactions.
  • Open-mindedness.
  • Expectations awareness.

The second area: Be yourself: contains five skills:

  • Stress management.
  • Reactions management.
  • Self-Motivation.
  • The purpose of existence.

The third area: Know others: contains three basic skills:

  • Reading others.
  • Sensory acuity.
  • Intellectual motives.

The fourth area: Invest in others: contains one skill:

  • Empathize with others.

The program featured explaining these areas as the trainers, Dr. Mohammed and Mr. Majid, encouraged the participants to choose the most relevant field and situations that they require for Emotional Intelligence so that they could begin putting it into practice and comparing the results they would get to these fields.

In the course's final days, everything changed after the trainees employed the skills of emotional intelligence, and saw the results. With the awarding of certificates in a warm and friendly environment, the training event came to a conclusion with the participants' viewpoint on the challenges having changed.