Morocco - Agadir: closure of the assistant practitioner course in neural linguistic programming

Morocco - Agadir: closure of the assistant practitioner course in neural linguistic programming
Group photo at the end of the event

By the God Almighty, the assistant practitioner course in neural linguistic programming has been landed in Kenzi Europe hotel port in the Moroccan city of Agadir on Sunday 16 September 2012, which lasted more than 40 hours for a period of 5 consecutive days... Under the supervision of the following trainers: teacher Adil Abbadi, Dr. Mohammed Pedra and

The course was distinctive with a team of outstanding trainees who came from various cities in Morocco (Rabat, Casablanca, Jeddah, Sidi Kacem, Kenitra, Awlad Taymh, Agadir, Ait bha...) and who wish to specialize in the science of NLP and lovers, trainees came carrying on their shoulders the honor of belonging to their organizations, and they all hope to quit with its flame to a level that suits it.


Making the familiarity did not require great effort, because the funny spirit of trainers played a large role in bringing and overlapping trainees each other, and in creating an atmosphere of fun childlike and fun and self highness to purity of childish thought, yes we all were children from the beginning of the session but we do not say until the end, because we did not want to get out of the childish framework of perception because it really wonderful and very enjoyable. So we were able to enjoy the spirit of accelerated learning techniques, this technique that enabled the trainees to the smooth assimilation of vast amount of information that abound in the session .


In order to install gains and correct errors, it took about two days from the three trainers to focus on the difference between what is realistic perception and what is objective to the outside world or the so-called foreign effects, and the interior mental representations to the outside world which do not represent the fact of that outside world, and what represents the assumption of the unreal map and.


As long as the assistant practitioner techniques relies mainly on the communication process, the focus has been on the good caller specifications and case management steps from its evocation to its deepening then passing to gain transferring technique between the representational systems and its types. Also the training on landing processes and rehearsing has been achieved. As well as the importance of exercise training on Betty Erickson exercise for training on transferring between the top and the minimum time, and the fun was great by surrounding the delegation and its technologies. And an enjoyable exercise that promotes and support the information and skills acquired was permeating every time.

Actually the course was distinctive by its challenges not at the level of consolidation of content nor level of development of modern training techniques, in addition of the transfer of training content, the three trainers enriched the course with deep powerful concepts in fun training frames, and what increase the fun is the engagement of trainees in innovation of course exercises spontaneously and the implementation of it automatically.


The quality of the unexpected accomplishments of others was so beautiful and promotes human beings to be that human that created for architecture and succession. How great is the unlimited imagination that sailed by his mind for the design and engineering of his impressive successes, which can not be achieved without highness each part of his personality.


It is actually a distinctive course by the number of practical exercises ever known, so the practicing NLP techniques and training to explain them was a dual process to meet the course objectives for its trainees.