Qatar – Doha: The launching of ICT at Millennium Hotel under the sponsorship of "Doha Youth" for the first time

Qatar – Doha: The launching of ICT at Millennium Hotel under the sponsorship of "Doha Youth" for the first time
A photo of trainer Mohammed Pedra and some of the trainees

An ICT was launched on Saturday at Millennium Hotel under the sponsorship of Doha Youth Center with cooperation of ILLAFTrain Center and Dubai Accelerated Learning Center. The course lasts until February the forth, 9 hours a day. The presenters are the international trainer Mohammed Pedra, trainer Tony Peter and others. The openin

In his initial speech, he focused on the importance of young leaders’ training process for the aim of serving both homeland and society.


The next speaker was Abdullah al Ziayarah, board member at Doha Youth Center. He talked about the importance of these courses. He urged the participants to make the best of the course.



A brief summary about the experience of such a course was introduced by trainer assistants: Hussein Habib, and Tony Peter. Trainer assistant, the course manager and training and development department supervisor at the center, who said that the training importance is increasing everyday. The aim of introducing such a course by Doha Youth Center is to supply the training market with the most experienced trainers provided with knowledge and experience needed.



Mr. Habib added that training will be produced by the most up-to-date learning methodologies worldwide including the accelerated learning method. He indicated that the course is a distinguished one. It is, furthermore, the first and the most effective onefor accredited trainer that has been introduced in Qatar. Doha Youth Center is keen to focus on human development as well as qualifying young people in the domain of leadership, qualification and development in order to contribute to the production of distinguished courses for institutions, Youth Centers, universities and schools.



Hussein Habib, a center administration board member, said that trainers who are going to graduate successfully will join the training center at Doha Youth Center. The center is always famous for its distinguished activities and courses.


He indicated that the course is launched in coordination with Dr. Abdullah al Hamady who is always interested in qualifying young people to become the future trainers and leaders.

What characterizes this course according to Mr. Habib, is the focus on practical application that allows the trainer to acquire the needed skills to become a professional trainer with good theoretical and  practical knowledge.

He considered the course as a qualitative step forward for Doha Youth Center. The center aims at launching a net of trainers who could introduce their courses at Youth Centers, universities, schools and charity organizations. The center also plans to prepare a second level of trainers.


Each trainee is going to deliver from 5-7 tests following specified methods to define the goals needed, design, introduction and assessment of the course. The course has many characteristics, namely: the ability to give the trainee who receives the accredited trainer's license a wide horizon and many opportunities of creativity, such as having the right, after passing successfully the course exams, to join the accredited Illaftrain’trainers. He or she might also benefit from their unique ability because they are professionals at the Middle East level.


He noted that the graduate will be accredited professional trainer, and will receive an international license from Britain as well as become a professional member at Illaftrain which is considered a passport for receiving services and many benefits.



He can also get direct marketing through Illaftrain site where the trainees might directly register into the course. The training timetable might be shown so that the training programs could be widely marketed. The public training timetable will provide all search operations. High quality services are available for accredited trainer's trainees.



 Mr. Habib added that all training activities and their results will be documented on trainers and trainees' pages through the public training schedule.

The course includes a tourism program and to that 1300 show chips will be given to every trainee. It is worth mentioning that participants in this course are employees at ministries of services, independent schools, companies and agencies.



Assistants: Hussein Habib, and Tony Peter



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