Syria-Damascus: Dubai Accelerated Learning Center Launches its workshop in Damascus

Syria-Damascus: Dubai Accelerated Learning Center Launches its workshop in Damascus
Trainer Pedra opening the workshop

On 10/5/2008, at 8 am, the Accelerated Learning Workshop started in Damascus at the Oscar Hall in the Fordos Tower Hotel. Trainees came to attend this workshop from Sudan, Algeria, Iraq, and Syria.

Trainer Mohammad Pedra started the course saying:

  •          There's no handbook for this course.
  •          It doesn't focus on learning.
  •          Fun and joy are required.
  •          There are no tests.
  •          It's optional to sit for more than ten minutes.
  •          Posing questions is mandatory.
  •          There is no such a thing as a stupid question.
  •          Interruptions are welcome.
  •          There are a few toys on your desk, feel free to play whenever you like!


 One of the trainee commented: "As if all standards are upside down!"

Focusing on trainees is what distinguished the course, in other words: The trainer role was as limited as possible. Activities took most of the time. Besides, the course atmosphere was full of joy, fun and eccentric methods! For example:



When the trainer talked about educational hindrances, he was wearing a doctors lab coat and carrying a doctor’s kit. He distributed medical kits amongst trainees, with medicines to cure educational diseases. Trainees studied the medicines and read the prescriptions, then started the discussion.





AL methods can make any subject whatsoever enjoyable and alive. In this exercise, Trainer Pedra explained a technical issue, which is the Track, Cluster, and fat. This exercise illustrated how each trainee managed to acquire knowledge and incorporate it into themselves during the performance stage.






The Workshop conference: At the end of the workshop, there was a conference to talk about learning and training methods and to clarify hindrances that face learning. Trainer managed the discussion between Trainees.




The Mall: Throughout the workshop, many games and activities ended up in trainees winning paper money. Therefore, there should have been a market where trainees can spend their gained money buying what they liked.


To take a look at the Workshop Syllabus, click here.

To look at DALC schedule, click here.



Trainees comments at the end of the course:


Ahmad Zakzouk from Syria: This workshop helped me dare do what I had in my mind before! Whatever skills and ideas you have, you will find that the AL workshop will help you put them into action.


Dr. Ziad Al-Hussaini from Iraq: an inspiring course, trainer, and environment.


Duha Fattahi from Syria: A daring workshop that provided us with courage to give up our traditional techniques and rely on creativity and distinction to achieve the goals.


Mohammad Omran Almourabet from Syria: Accelerated Learning needs to be churched to flourish.


Abdel Moniem Alomairi from Sudan: The course is like a transition from driving a car to driving a rocket through training, by focusing on trainees and what they do.


Ahmad Alkhateeb from Palestine: This workshop is not for enhancing your methods, it is for creating a new set of methods altogether. It is a training revolution that has proven to be effective.


Rifaah Ekrema from Syria: From my point of view, AL opens the door to new horizons of learning and human interaction. It adds new values to learning: Modesty, spontaneity, accessibility, and smart acquisition of knowledge. This is simply what everyone seeks.


Aisha Lezenk from Algeria: This workshop is more than great, it was more than I expected.


Ahmad Alsaadi from Syria: Entertaining, goal-oriented and distinctive. It provided me with everything new in the training field, it changed a lot of my professional and training concepts.


Ibrahim Barakt from Syria: Enjoyable and totally new. It changed my concept about training.


Amel Slimani from Algeria: It was one of the most enjoyable courses I've ever attended despite its short duration. I found in it the spirit that I was looking for, to add some fun and joy to my courses, and achieve much more.


Mohammad Al-Homsi from Syria: The most important workshop I have attended. It changed my perspective towards life and society. And changed my concept towards learning.




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