Syria - Slunfeh: The tourist activities within ICT course on Friday 29 February, 2008

Syria - Slunfeh: The tourist activities within ICT course on Friday 29 February, 2008
The trainees' memorial photo in Kasab

On Friday 29/2/2008, the trainees went off for a tourist trip covered archeological and natural areas.

The first stop was visiting Ugarit "Ras Shamra" which belonged to the stone age, to the 7th millennium BC. It contains two essential temples that belonged to the 2nd millennium BC. One is for the god Dujn whose name is engraved on a small statue, while the other is for the god Ba'al whose photo is engraved on a broken statue that found near each other. Between these temples was the senior priest's house that contains a religious library where the first script of Ras Shamra was found in. There was also a store that contains 74 pieces of arms and some bronze tools that represent a sacrifice the workers gave to the senior priest. Another priest's house was located at the south of the hill, that contains religious scripts and it was discovered in 1961.


Then they move to the second stop to Alsamra, where the mountain and the sea are set beside each other. The trainees wandered in this lovely area and some of them went for swimming spending a great time, and took some memorial photos.


After that they all ascended to Kasab which was the last stop. It's a tourist town belonged to Lattakia - Syria. Where it's considered one of the most beautiful and important resorts. It's located on a mountain called "Alaqra'a". The road from Lattakia to this resort is the most beautiful one in Syria, through the forests, the fields, olive and apple trees, to the wonderful " alforlloq" forests.


At noon, the trainees went to a restaurant called "Alsakhra". At 6 o'clock they took some memorial photos then they return back to the hotel " Park Plaza" Slunfeh to move on with the course activities.




The trainees' comments on the trip:


The trainee Ziad ALjazaerly:

It was interesting. Everyone has done his job especially the responsible for the trip.


The trainee Mafaz AL-Aujar:

It was wonderful. Thanks to ILLAFTrain Administration for this trip; it took us out from the atmosphere of the continuous study to an atmosphere of relaxation. It broke the ice between the trainees to be a family.


The trainee Roula Sakakini:

It was a lovely trip with a good organization. Thanks to all especially the responsible for it.


The trainee Lujain Aljazaerly:

it was a wonderful trip, I enjoyed with my friends the beautiful views. Wish all success in training.


The trainee Eeman Hairan:

Thanks all to this lovely trip. We enjoyed it a lot. I hope that we'll meet all over again.


The trainee Huda S.Mohammad:

Thanks to ILLAFTrain because it combined learning, pleasure, and promotion simultaneously.


The trainee Yosef Idrees:

We enjoyed it so much. It helped us with our learning to get geat outcomes. It was an interesting and educational trip.


The trainee Muhannad Al-Obaidy:

This trip combined pleasure, learning, and domesticity. Words can't express the greatness of this course. Thanks to ILLAFTrain, with my wishes of success.

The trainee Kadeja AL mourabet:

It was an interesting trip filled with brotherhood and love atmosphere. Everyone went back happy to the hotel.


The trainee Ahmad Esfinjeh:

It was a completion for the learning and the course concepts of love, domesticity, and the acceptance of others.



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