ILLAFTrain UAE Celebrates Graduation of Group of Glowpass Certified Trainers

ILLAFTrain UAE Celebrates Graduation of Group of Glowpass Certified Trainers
Group photo at the end of the course

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates - 2023-03-29

The human being is the most important thing in this life. In the belief and keenness of ILLAFTrain the UAE to raise the level of training, as a supreme message to advance the society and its members, leaders, teams, and organizations, which cannot be done without the presence of specialized and qualified cadres capable of delivering the training mission and achieving its goals.

and in conjunction with the completion of the certified practitioner in emotional intelligence course, ILLAFTrain UAE, in the presence of Consultant Trainer Dr. Mohammed Pedra, and Expert Trainer Mr. Majed bin Afif, CEO of ILLAFTrain UAE, celebrated the graduation of a group of certified Trainers at Glowpass, namely:

The group has successfully completed all examinations necessary to earn the title of Glowpass Certified Trainer. Glowpass programs (GPA®) offer special, cutting-edge solutions that deal with problems of any complexity, whether for individuals, leaders, teams or organizations. They also significantly increase their growth potential, whether through approved GPA® standards, training programs, coaching, consulting or obtaining accreditation to help others.

In addition to their merit in being Certified Trainers in (GPA®) programs, ILLAFTrain UAE congratulates each of the honorable ladies Sumaya, Mahra, and Abeer for their accomplishment. We have complete faith in their academic, professional, and ethical competence.