ILLAFTrain UAE Concludes a Certified Professional Trainer DIPLOMA Course in Al Ain

ILLAFTrain UAE Concludes a Certified Professional Trainer DIPLOMA Course in Al Ain
Group photo at the end of CPT course

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates - 2019-07-30

 A distinguished presence of trainees eager to learn a new method and pattern of learning and training patterns, plus more than 100 hours of training full of enthusiasm and passion for learning. The slogan "Let's relax enjoy learning" was raised as a result of the training hall's increased interaction and enjoyment.


In Al Ain's Hili Rayhaan Rotana Hotel, ILLAFTrain UAE hosted the Certified Professional Trainer DIPLOMA CPT course, which featured twelve training days and gave the participants' learning a fresh start.


Course Trainers:

"Training power is not a trainer's objective! Rather, achieving it is a requirement for all trainees.

The training team has been working diligently and continuously to ensure that the foundation of their work is in harmony in order to deliver the most comprehensive knowledge combined with professional skills and breadth of experience.

As this prestigious team was led by the consultant trainer Dr. Mohammed Pedra and was joined by the expert trainer Majed Bin Afif, the daily training was realistic, putting the trainees in real situations, living their experiences, as if they were really professional trainers offering courses to their trainees.


Certified Professional Trainer DIPLOMA Course Trainers


Course Activities:

"We innovate, create, and find everything new."

High familiarity was reflected in all the course activities, which made the training a flame of enthusiasm that did not go out throughout its moments. The course was distinguished by the continuous discussions and conversations among its members in the first place. The course dealt with many experiences to enrich the educational and training process, and the participants were at their highest levels of concentration in applying the seven steps of the educational process that were presented, and everyone enriched them with applications on their daily presentations, and training materials, activities and exercises were prepared with all their steps, and this is the biggest success factor achieved by the course participants


Daily Tours:

"Compare yourself to how you were yesterday if you want to compare yourself to someone."

Each trainee had to give a realistic training presentation as if they were a certified trainer while they were in a training hall presenting their training course, so the training environment was unique in terms of the trainees' interaction and their love to learn new things. It was impressive to see the trainees' growth in performance and how it showed in their presentations, both in terms of the educational process's steps used to present the presentations and the trainees' physical and vocal speaking skills. This group of trainees must become well-known trainers in the coming years, as shown by their consistent progress.


Certified Professional Trainer DIPLOMA Course's Activities and Exercises


Conclusion Day;

"True certification is to be etched in the hearts and minds of your trainees."

It was a ceremony that gave the impression that the course was coming to an end, but in reality, it was the start of a new beginning and the birth of a more beautiful and professional life in the training sky, provided that its land is paved with credibility, sincerity, and transparency. This is because the trainees turned what they had learned into the paths and methods they would use to create their next training future.

Additionally, there were papers with the title "Hearts Talk," which are the trainees' testimonials to their fellow trainees in the training hall. It is a message that captures the essence of the friendship that developed and grew over the course days.

After that, the trainers end the course by instilling a sense of enthusiasm in the trainees so that they would go on to become trainers themselves, leading training courses at their workplaces and enabling their institutions to develop their human resources more effectively.

On this day, joy-filled characteristics predominated because it marks the start of turning the training into a concrete reality for advancement and achieving the highest ranks that each participant has envisioned for themselves.

After each participant received a certificate at random, ILLAFTrain UAE then presented them with a bouquet of roses. Each participant was free to choose their preferred bouquet from a range of colored roses. Each participant had to read the name of the certificate's owner at that point. After writing some phrases on the bouquet, they go give the certificate's owner their certificate and the roses. The participants then exchanged certificates in a distinguished atmosphere.

One family was learning together with all cordiality and humanity over the course of 12 days, not as a training event over 12 days, as captured in the group photo that marked the end of the day and captured the atmosphere of joy and happiness in this distinguished event.

Hearts Talk


Trainees' Comments and Opinions:

The course exceeded expectations; it was well-organized and brimming with fresh, brilliant ideas. I urge everyone to participate and keep going with it.

Fatima Mayouf Al Ketbi - Administrator at Global Medical Solutions


A course that goes above and beyond wonderful because it truly is wonderful. My personal and professional lives were altered, and the results were not what I had anticipated. My concept and outlook on life were changed by attending a course with such a high level of professionalism; to put it simply, "I am reborn here." All praise belongs to the ILLAFTrain team.

Najat Al-Amiri - teacher at Al-Ain Autism Center


a course and trainers with high credibility, professionalism, and sincerity in all their dealings. The course changed ideas and principles that caused issues, which in turn inspired me to learn with a passion. I'll do my best to put what I learned and experienced during this course to good use.

Banan Muhammad Farhat - teacher at Al Ain Autism Center


An outstanding course in every sense. It employs the best techniques and tactics to develop knowledge, values, and skills. From the very beginning of the course until the very end, I was intrigued by the use of Accelerated Learning and the practical aspect. I experienced a quantum leap, especially considering that I had previously participated in a Trainers Training TOT course with different trainers and in different locations. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to God for introducing me to ILLAFTrain and for having Dr. Mohammed Pedra to train me.

Oshiba Al Jaafari - teacher at the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi


My perspective on the world changed as a result of unlimited giving; new perceptions, beliefs, and values emerged. All praise goes to Dr. Majed Bin Afif, Dr. Mohammad Pedra, and everyone else in charge of this course.

Abeer Al Menhali - teacher at the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi 

A profound knowledge, skill, and value material that opened up broad horizons for me intellectually.  Your sincerity, keenness, and knowledge were evident in their impact. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Asmahan Al-Naqbi - teacher at the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi


I practiced training without understanding its fundamentals, so enrolling in this course was a dream come true for me. Now that I'm here, I'm able to train using professional methods and fundamentals. I had no idea there was a course with such innovative tactics. I learned what I had not learned in 29 years of life in just two weeks. I am having a great time with the group, the trainers, and everything else for the first time in my life.

Maryam Al-Buraiki - teacher at Al Ain Autism Center


To put it mildly, the course represents a paradigm shift in my thinking, and it will become a method in both my personal and professional daily practices. Great thanks to those who are responsible for it.

Shamma Al-Amiri - teacher at Al Ain Autism Center