ILLAFTrain-UAE, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, and the conclusion of the Certified Professional Trainer Diploma course

ILLAFTrain-UAE, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, and the conclusion of the Certified Professional Trainer Diploma course
Closing ceremony - Trainer Sumaya Al-Shammari during the closing ceremony

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 2023-08-19

Based on the keenness of ILLAFTrain-UAE to develop the training industry in the region, specifically in the United Arab Emirates, and as an extension of the permanent cooperation between it and the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, cooperation began in the field of qualifying internal trainers from 2016 AD to the present day on an annual basis regarding implementing Train of Trainers programs and qualifying them according to the highest international standards.

The Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) program was presented in the Union Hall in the Judicial Department building in Abu Dhabi, from 9 to 18 May 2023 AD. The program was led by the expert trainer ‘Sumaya Al-Shammari’ and the Master trainer ‘Faisal bin Hariz’.


The most important managers and employees of departments, courts, and prosecutions attended the program, all of whom aim to acquire authentic knowledge, professional skills, and distinguished experiences in the training field.


Both trainers Sumaya Al-Shammari and Faisal bin Hariz worked continuously and diligently with the trainees to make the basis of their work providing the strongest knowledge combined with the skills professionalism as well as the depth of the experiences they possess to transfer them to the participants with all sincerity and transparency.

The daily training was very realistic. That is, it put the trainees in real situations, as if they were professional trainers offering courses to their trainees.


Feelings of high familiarity and interaction throughout the whole activities dominated the  program, which made the training a challenging and enthusiastic flame during all days.  In addition, the program was distinguished by continuous discussions and dialogues between the trainees, which dealt with many experiences to enrich the educational and training process. Moreover, the participants were at their highest levels of concentration in applying the practical and educational steps that the trainers proposed, and everyone transferred these acquired skills and applied them to their daily presentations.


As for the daily rounds, they were full of interaction. The trainees worked on presenting their training presentations as if they were seasoned trainers. They showed remarkable improvement with each presentation, indicating their commitment and desire to carry the message of the training to perform it with dedication and sincerity in their future careers.


In conclusion, the last day was not concluding as much as it was the day of a new birth for each trainee participating in the program, and a positive atmosphere pervaded the place, proud of the achievement that had been achieved. It is worth noting that the internal trainers have contributed during the past year, 2022, to implement about 40% of the courses included in the annual training plan of the department in the context of the department's endeavor to enhance its competencies and distinguished cadres of trainers who were qualified during the previous groups. The number of internal trainers currently reaches about 70 trainers who contribute professionally to provide distinguished programs and implement training plans brilliantly.


What made the conclusion more distinguished for the participants was the presence of His Excellency Ahmed Al Marzouqi - Executive Director of the Administrative Support Sector, who concluded the training program with a motivational speech for the participants, in the presence of Asma Faisal, Director of the Human Capital Development Department, Ali Al Hosani, Director of the Finance Department, and Khaled Al Suwaidi, Head of Training Department.


The conclusion included a speech by the trainer ‘Sumaya Al-Shammari’, in which she emphasized the necessity of the trainees' commitment to transferring this knowledge and science to the places where they work to be responsible and to present their experiences, knowledge, and skills in training programs that their trainees will not forget in the future. On behalf of ILLAFTrain-UAE, the trainer presented a commemorative shield to the department, which was received by His Excellency Ahmed Al Marzouqi.

During this atmosphere, certificates and commemorative shields were distributed to the participants, and photographs that remain in the memory of time and place were taken.

In turn, ILLAFTrain-UAE thanks the Judicial Department, the trainers in charge of the program who were dedicated to their giving, and the attendees who did not hesitate to exert effort and time to obtain the highest level of learning.